Different Kinds of Antique Furniture for Collectors and Homeowners

Antique furniture is highly sought after by collectors all over the world. The value and worth of a piece of antique furniture are determined by its age, uniqueness, condition, and rarity. Antique furnishings can also be used for daily use and often bought by homeowners for enhancing the décor of their drawing rooms. 

Antique furniture is available in a multitude of designs and historical periods from all over the world. If you want to collect some antique furniture, then you need to contact with the collectors of this furniture and if you cannot find some suitable furniture at their warehouse then you can also customize some furniture with some antique designs. These are some of the different kinds of antique furnishings preferred by collectors.
Antique Furniture
Antique Furniture

Different kinds of antique furniture available in the market: 


The credenza is a 15th-century furniture that traces its roots to medieval Italy. The credenza is long rectangular furniture that consists of a flat table and a cupboard on the lower portion. The furniture may have thin legs or maybe completely devoid of legs. Credenzas are dating back to the era of Renaissance feature intricate carvings and cornices, hence are much valued by antique lovers. 

#Antique cabinets
Antique Cabinets
Antique Cabinets

Antique cabinets are available in various stylish designs. British antique cabinets constructed using oak woods are one of the most favorites among collectors. The antique cabinets are box shaped with doors and drawers which can be used to store all kinds of items. Thus, antique cabinets serve both functional as well as aesthetic purposes.


Highboy was first created in England in the 17th century. This is a unique kind of chest of drawers. Two small drawers are present at the top with a series of drawers of larger dimensions continuing downwards. There is a smaller and wider chest of drawers at the bottom which contains smaller drawers. The entire arrangement rests on small legs.

#Antique chairs
Antique Chairs
Antique Chairs

Antique chairs are normally made of teak, oak, poplar and other kinds of woods. Antique chairs are handmade and feature extensive artwork expertly done by artists. Antique chairs are available in a plethora of unique construction styles such as ladder backed chairs; ribbon backed chairs, yoke backed chairs and much more. 

#Antique Dressers 

Antique dressers with mirrors are usually made of mahogany, walnut or oak. It consists of a chest of drawers and a dressing table on the top. They are available in various shades of color and carvings.

#Antique coffers or kits 

Antique coffers or kits are rectangular boxes featuring elaborate carvings and artworks on the surface. The antique coffers have liftable lids and artistic locking mechanism. In the olden times, such kits were used to store various items such as clothes, weapons, money and other valuable items.

#Antique beds 
Beds of large dimensions first appeared in the 15th century when beds of 6-7 and 7-8 feet were manufactured.
Antique Bed
Antique Bed

Handmade beds featuring stylish designs first made their appearance in the 17th century. Antique beds with ornate carvings, artistic headboards and magnificently shaped legs dating back to the medieval era are the top choices for antique collectors.

Factors affecting the cost of antique furniture 

The price of a piece of antique furniture depends upon a plethora of factors such as the type of furniture, the kind of construction, originality of the various parts and the practical value. The type of wood which is used in the construction plays a significant role in determining the cost of the antique furniture.

The price of the antique furniture dips if modern parts replace original parts or if new portions are added in case of breakages. The wood also needs to be polished using beeswax as any other material such as lemon oil harms the wood and decreases the value of the furniture. 
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