Why Timber Frames Are Best for Your Home Windows?

Timber Frames

There are several reasons for using a timber window for your home. They are as follows:

  • Timber windows have a stunning look and help to enhance the beauty of your property. Besides you can also choose to modify your wooden window frames from a wide range of options such as mahogany, maple or oak all of them come with a different look. You can also paint the window frames in order to give a traditional look to your house.
  • This type of wooden windows are very much environment friendly than the PVCu’s. They go together with a negative global warming perspective. That means over their long time service they will go on reducing the amount of Co2 from the environment. If you buy the wooden frame from any sustainable source they will definitely be the most environment friendly option.
  • These windows last for many years, whereas PVCu windows hardly last for 30 years. If you maintain your windows regularly, it can prevent wear and tear.
  • Timber is a natural insulator while helps to keep the home temperature comfortably cool or hot. Whereas wood is a natural protector which helps to retain the heat inside your house. This also helps to reduce the production of carbon and electricity bills at the same time it keeps your home comfortable and warm.
  • Wooden frames need regular maintenance to preserve its beauty. Varnishing and painting help them to keep their charisma at an all time high.
  • You have a lot of options from where you can choose the one suitable for your home needs. High performance timber windows do not always have to be very expensive. Maple is the cheapest wood and mahogany is the expensive one.

Types of Woods Used in Making of Timber Window 

The timber material used in the making of windows is categorized in two types: softwoods and hardwoods. 

  • Softwoods – almost 80% of the worlds timber fall under this category. They are high in performance, multi-talented and long lasting. They are suitable for the different kinds of applications and projects.  They grow very fast and are the most sustainable types available in the market.
  • Hardwoods – these are basically deciduous trees which have broad leaves. Beech, oak and mahogany are some of its types. These woods have special pores which make them very stable and long lasting. 
  • Other woods that are used to make windows - Other common hardwoods that are used in making windows are sapele, sweet chestnut and teak. Other softwoods that are used are larch, doughlas and red cedar. 

Choosing the Best Wooden Window for Your Home 

It is a very tough decision to choose right window supplier for your home as there are numerous options available in the market. It is very important that your choice must execute your plan. There are few reasons why timber is the best choice for your home window, they are 

Home Windows
  • They are carbon neutral
  • They come with a wide range of warranties
  • Without any help, they have established their performance, energy ratings and security 

Benefits of Using Timber Window at Home 

  • Timber windows are much more sturdy and long lasting than PVC’u windows
  • The timber based windows frames are environment friendly than the PVC’u windows
  • The timber based window frames have better long term value than a PVCu window.
  • These windows have a negative global warming potential which means within their lifelong service they will help in reducing the Co2 from the environment. 

Look for the manufacturer that offers several types of window. Online search is the best alternative that can help you to find the best quality timber window for your home. If you would like to know more then click here and get some more useful information.

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