Common Computer Problems and Solutions to Fix Those Problems

Is your computer working cranky or does the hard disk of the system got crashed?  Then, you need to immediately hire a computer technician to get these glitches fixed.  Ideally, there are many computer problems that are often encountered by the people.  Few of them include malware attack, crash of the hard disk, and slowdown of system speed, corrupted files, or glitch in the hardware of the system.  No matter whether it is a software or hardware issue, the expert technicians can identify the problem and find the best resolution in a matter of few minutes.  In fact, they ensure to give a permanent solution besides boosting the speed of the system.  Also, these people will install anti-virus and security patches to keep your system away from security vulnerabilities.  Basically, people would encounter a problem while working on the system.  They would get an error message or blue screen, thus halting the entire computing operations.  If you do not have knowledge on how to troubleshoot these issues, then you call the IT support team to fix them.

Unarguably, there are simple solutions available for the minor to major computer repairs that you encounter with the computer.  If you learn how to identify and fix those problems, you can save a lot of money and time.  Undeniably, having a computer glitch would hamper your productivity.
Computer Technician
However, here are a few common computer repairs and simple solutions you can embrace to repair them.
  • Computer fails to start:  When the computer gets turned off suddenly or does not start when you turn ON, then it may be due to power supply failure.  You need to check whether or not the computer is connected to the power plug correctly or not.  If the system still does not turn ON, then you need to leave the mantle of repairing task to the experts.
  • Screen becomes blank:  If the computer has suddenly switched to a blank screen, then there would be a loose connection between your computer and monitor.  You need to check the connection between the monitor and CPU to ensure that the connections between both are rigid and secure. However, if you experience the same kind of problem with your laptop, then there would be a serious problem with the internal wires.  And, this can be only be fixed by an experienced technician.
  • Corruption of the operating system and other software installed on the computer:  If you have installed software and your system has suddenly started to function abnormally, then you need to restart the system and run a reliable brand of anti-virus software to clean the virus.
  • Windows fail to boot:  If your operating system has failed to reboot, then you need to install Windows recovery software to fix the glitch quickly.
  • Screen is frozen: When your computer screen gets frozen, then you need to reboot the system.  However, the worst part of rebooting is that, you may lose the unsaved data.  This glitch occurs due to lack of RAM space, corrupted files, and malware.  You need to hold the power button until the system gets turned OFF and then reboot the system to bring back your screen to normal.
  • Speed of the computer slows down:  If your computer is running awfully slower than its actual speed, or it takes ages to open a single file, you would need to delete unwanted files from the hard drive.  Also, you need to scan the system for malware and corrupted files by installing anti-virus software.  In case, if your system storage has exceeded its limit, then you need to plug in the external hard drive and take a back up by transferring the important files from your system to the drive and delete them from the system. 
  • Avert strange noises:  When you turn ON the computer, sometimes a strange noise would be generated by the computer, which would be annoying and cause distraction to your work.  Basically, the strange noise is due to malfunctioning of hardware components or the noise generated by the fan.  Also, the hard drive that is about to fail makes a lot of noise.  So, you need to identify the real cause of this sound and take the remedial actions accordingly. 
If you carefully consider all the above mentioned points you will definitely able to fix the problems.
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