Tips on Choosing the Right Curtains for Your Home

Whether you are renovating your old home or moving to a new one, you cannot avoid curtains. Curtains are one such element of home décor that makes the space appealing and offers you privacy. The crucial pieces of curtains can fabulously set the tone of the home. They can be light or breezy, ornamental or substantial and carry simple prints to bold prints. When it comes to choosing curtains for your home, the choice is completely yours. They may be availed in sheer fabrics to something which is opaque and heavy textile. There are endless options in curtain tracks, accessories and fabrics. So, when the choices and options are so many, it may get difficult for you to choose the right one. You have to take into account of various elements when choosing curtains.

Home Curtains

No matter what type of curtain you choose, merely by changing the curtains of the room, you may attain different feel and look. If the color choice is perfect, you can attain the desired look. Choose the color of the curtains as per the color of the walls. You may choose the shade which either contrasts the wall color or something that complements the wall paint. Contrasting colors can help you make a bold statement. But, even if the color contrasts the tone of the walls it must match with the shade of the furniture. By doing so, you will have an interesting combination. Similar to this, you may follow various other tips as well.

Choose A Proper Fabric for The Curtains

The material of the drape or curtain will play a major role in determining the looks. Also, there are a variety of options available in fabric like lightweight cotton, sheer laces, and heavy velvets to lightweight brocades. The type of fabric you choose for the curtains is reliant on the intensity of sunlight you want. The choice of fabric also relies on décor and mood of the space. Heavier fabric should be chosen for traditional or conventional rooms. For the minimalist room, one can choose sheer fabric.

Solids or Prints

Again, the choice of color and prints rely on the décor of the space. If the soft furnishing and upholstery bear solid color, you may choose printed curtains. Choose the print only after a careful thought since it is the print that adds to the visual appeal. Buy printed curtains to pair up with dark textured furniture. Also, you may accessorize the room with area rugs and printed cushions. You may use anything from the geometric patterns to quirky prints to add to the visual appeal of the room. Floral prints can suit both traditional décor and modern classic décor.


Choose Proper Length

The length of the curtains also plays an important role in determining the kind of look you attain. Curtains that touch the floors are very much in vogue. You may also opt for curtains that bear a few more inches of length so as to allow drapes to puddle on the floor. But, if you have kids and pets at home, you must use curtains that are inches higher from the floor. 

  • The width of the curtain - The width of the curtain should be chosen according to the molding of window pane or the door. You can just measure out the frame and then multiply it by 2/2.5 factor.
  • Trims and available additional accessories - Curtains must be chosen as per the trims and accessories available. When you talk about curtain accessories, they may be anything between valances, pull-backs, beautiful curtain tracks, ornamental chains that can be fixed onto the walls just above the curtains. 

Whatever pattern and style of curtain you choose for the room make sure it appears beautiful and also serves your purpose. You may also buy decorative curtains which are also functional in nature.

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