How Do I Choose Marble Bench Tops?

Looking for a material for a bench top? Consider using marble, as this is nature’s gift to us and can offer your kitchen a luxurious feel and look. There is no tension of this stone getting out of date; it is considered timeless. This also tends to be long lasting and durable as is used in different types of constructions since decades and more. There is no other material available for bench tops which can offer a look which is similar to marble. This has multiple benefits and listed below are few which can convince you that choosing marble as your bench top material is ideal.

Marble Benchtops
  • Heat resistant- thus works out apt for the kitchen.
  • Offers a unique look with all elegance and sophistication you desire.
  • Tends to add value to your project.
  • Marble is available in a wide range of profiles.
  • Though soft, marble is able to withstand the daily use with ease.

Maintenance and care of marble bench tops:

Caring for this stone bench top helps it to last longer, without any problems.  A few tips can help you maintain this with ease.

  1. This bench tops need a periodical wash. You need to use neutral cleaners which are ‘soap-less and clear tap water for this. .These can prevent the sticky feeling on the bench tops.
  2. The surface needs to be wetted with warm water. After which you need to use the cleaner. If the surface is vertical you need to wash in small leaps which are overlapping, from the bottom to the top. Rinsing should be thorough so that all traces of soap can be removed. Once this is rinsed, you need to dry this with a soft cloth, flannel tends to be apt.
  3. In a case of any spills, remove them immediately. It is advisable to place coasters under any glasses kept on this bench top.
  4. Using hot plates under dishes which are hot can work as a savior.
  5. Marble needs to be sealed with a sealer which is penetrating. This helps in protecting the surface from stubborn stains.
  6. Avoid using any acidic products on the surface as marble is prone to these. This tends to rob the marble of its glossy finish. The texture changes and the finish are dull if exposed to acidic products.
  7. Extremely hot utensils placed on marble bench tops can lead Thermal Shock. If this is done on a regular basis, you find hairline cracks and the bench top loses its strength.
  8. Ensure re-sealing is done, by a professional to the marble bench tops after a period of two to five years.

How to choose manufacturers of marble bench tops:

Marble Bench Tops

Once you have decided to opt for marble bench tops you need to ensure that you choose the right manufacturer. This might take some time and effort but is totally worthy in the long run. To help you with this process, we offer a few tips:

  • Ask around from friends and family for a well-reputed manufacturer, as this can make all the difference to the quality of the bench top offered by them.
  • Make sure you are offered all the different choices available in marble bench tops. This can help you make the right choice easily.
  • Make sure the finish is neat and done in a clean manner. A good looking bench top tends to enhance the look of your kitchen and also boost the value of your home.
  • The manufacturers should give customer service a priority. With this factor looked into, you are ensured that the delivery of the marble bench top will be done timely.

If you carefully consider all the above mentioned points you will definitely able to find manufacturers of marble bench tops. You can find more details by visiting this link.

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