Own Your Dream Caravan – A Caravan Manufacturers Guide

Caravans are nothing but mobile homes! These mobile homes let you travel away from home for days, weeks or years without a feeling of homesickness as your home travels along with you! Some people often sell all their belongings to contribute buying this asset and then dedicates life to traveling and touring. Caravan manufacturers keep catering to various needs by these people and their desire to enter the caravanning lifestyle.
Caravan Manufacturers
Caravan Manufacturers

There Are Three Basic Types of Caravans Manufactured:

  • Towed: A towed caravan has a fixed wall with all amenities but is towed by another vehicle. This vehicle that tows the caravans can be detached and used separately to run errands.
  • Pop up fans: They are very similar to the regular caravans but these have a built-in equipment and storage room. These caravans are compact with all the amenities arranged and packed into a van that is then towed by another vehicle. This vehicle is detachable and used to run errands separately also.
  • Campervans: These are built right onto the body of a van and has fixed walls. These caravans are not towed. These are good to begin for camping as soon as you pull up! The arrangement is such that even big buses can be converted into these caravans.
Fifth Wheeler Caravan

Different Caravans for Different Needs

  • Off Road Caravans- These are the robust caravans that are built for safaris and bush camping where the quality of the road is poor. These caravans are manufactured in such a way that calls for robust suspension and increased road clearance. The manufacture of this caravan is reinforced to suit the rough roads ensuring nothing comes off. Therefore, the quality of latches, joint welding, hinges etc are given special focus to contribute to its robust nature.
  • Luxury Touring- As the name suggests, these caravans are focused on luxury. The quality of all the amenities and equipment is top-notch. The focus is given to installing latest technology appliances that are more user-friendly and compact, like remote control kitchenware, fine wood work, finest leathers and painting finishes.
  • Family Caravans- These caravans will focus on the quantity. They will keep more focus on the number of beds, or more wider beds, more area in the living room with longer sofas to accommodate more people, food storage, power backup, and bio-toilet backup etc.
  • Customer Caravan- These Custom-made caravans are built specifically keeping in mind the needs and the requirements of the customers. They are designed specifically and have customised amenities to suit the users and customers. 
Variety of Caravans

Basic Amenities a Caravan Manufacturer Offers:

Caravan manufacturers have an array of designs that cater to the basic facilities of its users of caravans. There is a list of amenities that are provided along with the caravan space by the caravan manufacturers.
  1. Kitchen: Storage is one such facility that is aesthetic as well as functional also. Foldable cabinets or telescopic drawers is a facility that provides you to save space in opening and closing.
  2. Bedroom: Ceiling and costs that are provided are most probably storage spaces that are designed to save space and provide you with more comfort.
  3. Toilet: Caravan toilets are designed keeping in mind the comfort and functionality. They are not cramped and have walls and corners to maximise utility so that there is space enough to let you store your toiletries. Water tanks, bio toilets, drainage, plumbing lines, mirrors and showers are installed and accommodated with respect to the space.
  4. Living Room: Most of these caravans have long sofas to accommodate more people to sit comfortably. With a foldable or movable table, along with the sofa.
  5. Store Rooms: Store rooms are a facility provided keeping in mind the number of days you plan being on road and the number of people that will accompany you on the trip so that it does not compromise on the available amenities.
Look for the manufacturer that offers several types of the caravan. This can make it easy for you to carry out selection process. Online search is the best alternative that can help you to find the best caravans.
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