Beer gardens: the best place to be

With increasing popularity of garden restaurants, the concept of beer garden and bar has evolved. The idea of enjoying drinks along with a dose of the gleaming small lights and the cool natural breeze is really refreshing and that is the reason beer gardens and bars have become so much in trend nowadays. Not many are aware of how the concept of beer garden and bars actually started. So, here is a brief history:
It all started in the 18th century in Southern Germany when a few brewers known as Bavaria started selling beer directly out of their cellars that were built to store stock for the months of summer. The location of these cellars was of prime importance in the evolution of beer gardens and bars. The location was - along the Isar river with chestnut trees surrounding the area, keeping the area cool and that created a nice garden like atmosphere where people drank beer and had fun. All they did was put up some benches and tables and thus were born garden beers and bars which, became an instant hit. Over a period of time, this idea spread across the world.

The idea of beer garden and bar is simple. All you need is a good natural ambience. Once you choose a suitable location, take into consideration the following factors and convert it into a perfect beer garden and bar:
  • Style: Choose a theme. You need a theme to make the beer garden look appealing. The theme can be anything that can blend with the surrounding ambience.
  • Lighting: Use outdoor light fittings to illuminate the space. Ensure that you do not overdo the lighting. Try outdoor LED rope lights or small lanterns. If nothing looks appealing enough, always try candles. They never fail you. Candles in glass jars or metal objects beautify the space greatly.
  • Ugly Views: Make sure the view around the beer garden and bar is appealing. Space should not be facing an overcrowded market, a busy street, or a crossroad full of traffic. If there are and garbage bins or car parks, try creating a screen with plants or timber fencing.
  • Seating: Do not underestimate the power of a comfortable seating arrangement. Consider getting long benches, tents, cushions, or any such stuff for making the seating unique as well as comfortable. Some places tend to be known only for their good seating and your beer garden and bar can be one of those.
Beer gardens
Beer Gardens
  • Music: Consider getting a sound system fixed so that you can play some country music and create a lively atmosphere. Music is a language that everyone speaks and thus guests can connect and dance to the tunes and enjoy themselves more.
  • Food: Drinks and food go hand in hand. You need to set up a good menu that guests can help themselves with along with their drinks. Try including various cuisines, appetisers, a variety of starters and snacks. If possible, include fruit drinks as well.
  • Smokers and non-smokers: Try to make a separate space for smokers and non-smokers. Many people are not comfortable with inhaling cigarette smoke. So, this way you can facilitate those customers. Provide ashtrays on tables to avoid littering of ash.
  • The Regulations: last, but not the least, take into consideration the local regulations first. You do not want the place to be shut down by the officials just because you missed to consider a few regulations.
Plant a lot of trees and plants to make the space look greener. Beautiful and fragrant flowers are again another attraction. A beer garden and bar satisfying all these factors would be the highlight of the city.
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