What Are the Work of Boilermakers and Use of Stainless Steel Fabrication?

In the present construction scenario, steel fabrication is used in the creation of a number of products, structures and their components.  Steel is a strong and durable material which resists corrosion and degradation for several decades. Boilermakers are the trained professionals who produce the steel fabrications from steel plates and steel tubes. But apart from that, they also work for several industries like construction, mining and machineries manufacturing companies.

Who Are Boilermakers and What Do They Do?

In simple words, a boilermaker is a craftsman who is responsible for the production of steel fabrications from tubes and plates. Earlier, boilermakers used to produce boilers mainly but they also started working on blast furnaces and bridge construction eventually. With the passage of time as civilization discovered the various uses and benefits of metals over wood, boilermakers were also involved in the engineering and shipbuilding industry.  Some original functions of boilermakers:

  • Installing premade boilers into manufacturing faculties and buildings.
  • Lay out the various parts of boilers and assemble them correctly.
  • Check if boiler systems had defects or leaks and repair them promptly.
  • Repair or replace broken parts of boilers such as joints, valves, or pipes as required.

Some Popular Uses of Steel Fabrication in the Construction Industry

  • Ship Building: In ship making, stainless steel plates are used to make hulks of ships such as ferries and tankers. The structure too is made from steel sections, as well as the bulkhead and the decks. Steel parts are used in the engine that makes it run. In fact, even the anchor chains are made from this material. In this regards, the boilermaker will produce these attachments or parts with steel plates and they will fabricate these steel plates and make these things according to their proper shapes.
  • Construction of Bridges: The best use of steel in bridges can be seen in suspension bridges where the entire structure hung using ropes of steel. The floor of the bridge too is made from steel along with the tubes and columns along with joists and steel beams. Different types of steel are used to make the railings and security barriers. Any construction process cannot be completed without some competent boilermakers, because they design the main structure of the building and they also design the additional security component, along with other necessary attachments with steel fabrication.
  • Engineering: In engineering too, steel bars are used often. They have a number of uses as they come in various different shapes and sizes. Also, different qualities of fabricated steel are used to make different structures. Some of the most common uses of steel in engineering is in engines, gears, and electrical motors.
  • Car-making: Nowadays, the bodies of cars are made from high quality steel. In order to make the structure corrosion resistant, galvanized steel which is essentially zinc coated steel sheets are used. The material is also used in braking, air conditioning, and heating systems in the car. Along with the designer, the boilermaker will also design the car body according to its layout.
  • Residential Buildings: Stainless steel has various applications in domestic equipment. Firstly, it is widely used in the construction of homes itself. Apart from this, several types of consumer goods such as microwaves, cabinet sets, computers, door handles, kitchen utensils and appliances etc. are made from stainless steel. Boilermakers do the same and they also design these appliances with their fabrication process only.
Stainless Steel

It is said that steel allows design creativity, making it a favourite of several engineers. It is also easy to make changes and bring modifications into steel structures. Lastly, there is nothing to match the aesthetic appearance of steel. It has a unique grace and slenderness along with strength and durability.

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