Why to Get Your Car Serviced at VW Service Centre Instead of a Local Garage?

Maintaining your car is an important factor for insuring its long life and seamless service. The trouble arises in deciding whether to get the car serviced at an authorized dealership or to get it done from a local garage.  Although a small garage will enable you to save money on the service, there are some features and advantages which can only be expected from an authorized service centre. Since Volkswagen is a brand to reckon with, you need to go certified Volkswagen service centre only which can keep your car in a good condition.

Volkswagen Service

Benefits of Getting Your Volkswagen Car Serviced from a Service Centre

  • They have an organized and controlled process wherein the customer does not need to worry about when to get a particular part changed or fixed as they keep a track of that through their service schedule.
  • The technicians at a Volkswagen service centre are well trained and qualified with an ample experience in the field. These technicians are specialists in their area and mostly work on just the particular part of the vehicle that you are looking for. They also use the latest tools to ensure superior quality repair work.
  • Only genuine and OE (Original Equipment) parts are fitted in your vehicle at the VW service centre which is duly authorized by the manufacturer. Genuine parts assure you of an optimum level of performance for your car on road, and it also enhances the longevity of the car to a large extent.

You Get Transparency in Services When You Contact Authorized Service Centres:

  • While it can be difficult to detect the problem in the modern and complex cars nowadays, the sophisticated electronics and Factory Linked VW diagnostics can easily diagnose the problem in a car in no time. For example, the proprietary scanner when plugged to the car can easily detect any electronic faults accurately.
  • Volkswagen believes in maintaining transparency and thus ensures that your car is duly taken care of and is given to you after service with the same quality as you got it the first time from the showroom.
  • The registered Volkswagen service centres also ensure that you get the best insurance values. While you keep your car with them for servicing purpose, they also allow you to take an alternative car as a replacement for few days. 

Why Not a Local Dealership?

VW Service Centre
  • Although these points clearly recommend choosing a service centre for your car, you may wonder why not save money by approaching a local garage?
  • This is because the local dealers generally fit cheap parts in the car instead of genuine ones which can further lead to premature part failure or damage to other related parts. Also, there is no official warranty offered by the local dealer for the services rendered.
  • This applies to the non-OEM spare parts as well.
  • The process of detecting the problem in your car is also based merely on guesswork in a local garage as they do not possess the premium equipment needed for the same.

These points thus make it quite clear that getting your car serviced from an authorized Volkswagen dealership is much wiser and safer.  At the same time, low segment cars may still approach the local garage for small improvements as their spare parts are basic and easily available and do not require the services of a skilled technician. The high-end cars, such as the VW cars, on the other hand, should definitely avoid such local dealers and entrust their car to a Volkswagen service centre only to ensure careful handling and to avoid any further complications. The customers can further enjoy their additional pick-up and drop services.

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