The Low Down on Window Blinds For Home Improvement

There are two ways you can view blinds and shutters. One is from the purely functional point of view. The other is from the design and aesthetic perspective. On both counts, you will find that blinds are better money for a value proposition. Here is the low down on blinds from both angles.

Blinds is an umbrella term that covers different types. Primarily, blinds cover window shutters and can be chosen from different types. The basic construction is slatted that are either horizontal or vertical with a connecting rod or string arrangement that allows users to close or open the slats.

Window Blinds For Home Improvement 

  • Plantation blinds are classic and have slats that are about 2 to2.5 inches wide and are of the usual horizontal types with cord stops. The slats may be made from wood, bamboo, or vinyl. Affixed to the windows, the plantation style blinds can allow total air and light control.
  • Mini blinds or Venetian blinds are inexpensive and have narrow one-inch slats. These are best suited for smaller window openings. The slats may be made of light weight aluminium or vinyl and the assembly can be rolled up or pulled down. The slats can be opened or closed for light and air control.
  • Vertical blinds have broader slats of3.5 inches fixed at the top and hung vertically. The slats may be made of fabric, wood, PVC or aluminium and these can be opened wide or closed shut.
  • Roller blinds are simple in construction with a length of fabric attached to a roller tube that allows the blind to be rolled up or rolled down.

These are the main types. There are other types such as blackout blinds made of dark thick fabric to block out exterior light, honeycomb blinds with side by side hexagonal cells to trap air for energy and acoustic insulation and Velux blinds used in slanted skylights.

Take your pick. Mini blinds, especially those made from aluminium are lightweight and stylish décors besides being functional. Plantation blinds are classic, have an elegant charm and they are functional too.

Form and function

One may install blinds over existing shutters to benefit from their function. There are functional advantages to blinds.

  • You can open them to any angle and allow just the right amount of light and air into the room or you can shut them tight. In any case, you have privacy inside the room.
  • Blinds can allow you to block light completely, depending on the design. These are ideal when you have glass windows that receive a lot of sunlight or face the street.
  • Blinds can help you control air flow into the room while providing privacy. You may need to throw open windows to allow airflow but at the cost of privacy. With blinds, you can keep them open and yet enjoy privacy.
  • Blinds also contribute to energy savings if one chooses the right type, by giving a lesser load to the air conditioner.
Blinds For Home Improvement 


There are aesthetic advantages to installing blinds apart from the functionality when you consider blinds for home improvement.

Blinds over windows confer a distinct, contemporaneous or classic look to interiors.  They add to the style quotient. It is the horizontal or vertical lines that set the window areas apart from the rest of the room giving classy looks that curtains or shades simply cannot match.

There is another good reason to install blinds for windows. The value of a house goes up when it has blinds installed. If you want to form, functionality and aesthetics in a neat, affordable package, there is nothing like blinds to improve homes in looks, performance, and value.

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