Know About the Major Types of Folding Arm Awnings

Every homeowner wants to make his or home a beautiful place to live. There are many ways through which a home can look stunning. If you are thinking for ways to improve the looks of your living room, then you need to understand about awnings. These are basically the shields which are used on the exterior of the house to get protection from harmful rays of the sun. While planning about installing awnings, one can come across its different types of awnings. One of the popular and commonly used models is the folding arm awnings. In this system, the awnings can be folded horizontally and not vertically. When installed, it will operate as a stable unit and offer  shade from the sun.

Besides offering shade to the people, even the furniture inside or outside the home can be safeguarded from sun. A new look to the entire house, protection from rain and sun, and transformation of the entire look, what more can one expect from the installation of the awnings. If you are confused regarding which type of folding awning to buy, you need to understand about the few common types.
Folding Arm Awnings
Folding Arm Awnings

Types of Folding Arm Awnings Available

Basically, you can find three major types of folding awnings, each having their own set of advantages and disadvantages. These three are explained below briefly, have a look.
  1. Open Cassette Awnings: These are commonly used and have a simple design. They can be simply rolled over to expose the entire surface. You can find both options- motorised as well as crank operated awning. This type of awning is suitable in the places which are under huge hanging areas. It is made up of a fabric, tube and retractable arms.
  2. Full Cassette Awnings: It is used to cover the surface completely and is made up of a bottom bar and a head box. The other components that are used to make the awnings are a tube, tubular motor, folding arms, and a fabric. When you wish to close the system, the cassette will drop out and the view can be blocked. It has a sleek design and once closed, all the parts will be covered. You can find such a system in buses, caravans, and in motor homes as well. 
  3. Semi Cassette: It offers half of 3/4th protection with the awning system and the fabric. Once the box is lifted, it can be half opened and half closed. It is attractive in design and is practical for a lot of purposes. It is not so expensive and offers flexibility to the users. It comes with both motorised and crank control options. It is made of components as well as using a fabric. However, you cannot close it completely if you wish to and that is the only limitation if you install a semi cassette foldable arm awning.
It is your decision to choose the best type of folding arm awnings depending on your requirement. You can get the awnings installed in places such as porches, decks, and even patios. Make sure of other elements such as rain and sun when you are planning for the right awnings. After all, the purchase has to be made after analysing all the aspects of the home, climate, and even the people. If you are still confused about the choice then you can freely ask guidance from interior designers or from the sellers who deal in selling and installing the awnings.
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