Common Uses and Benefits of Stainless Steel Angles

As the name suggests, a stainless steel angle is an angle shape which has been hot rolled and is available with equal or unequal length of legs. The angle or the corner is meant to add stability and strength to the structure. This is why it is mainly used for the construction of buildings and structures that are required to be resistant to corrosion and extremely sturdy. Generally, they are used for constructing structures in environments like fresh, saltwater, acidic or chemical, which may cause corrosion with extended exposure. These angles used in mostly fabrication process, usually have a dull grey mill finish.
Stainless Steel Angles
Stainless Steel Angles

Common Uses of Stainless Steel Angles

These angles are used for many different purposes. However, mainly their usage can be seen in construction and building structures like homes and offices. The angles are used to provide support to the structure and give their more sturdiness and longevity.
Stainless steel angle in better than any other metal or wood as it provides prolonged support without any damage. Once installed, they don’t need to be replaced for a many years, making it cost effective.

Let us understand what makes stainless steel angle a better choice than the rest:
  • Generally, the highest use of these angles comes from the commercial construction sector i.e. in the construction of shopping malls, trade centres, office buildings etc. These buildings generally have several floors and stability is one of the top priorities. In this case, there is no better option other than stainless steel angle. They also provide safety from fire and water leaks and are much sturdier in case of a natural disaster like a tornado.
  • Although, the frequency of use is lower, these are also used in the construction of houses and other private residential structures. Since they are available in various shapes and sizes, today more homeowners also prefer using stainless steel angles and channels to provide a strong base to their house. A one-time expense, stainless steel proves to be beneficial in the long run.  

Advantages over Wood and Other Materials

There are many reasons why angles made of stainless steel is widely preferred over those made of wood. Firstly, unlike wood, stainless steel is resistance to damage from sunlight and rain. It is also not affected by water leakage as it is resistant to rust. Houses that are made of wooden frames are not as sturdy and it needs to be repaired or replaced every few years. While constructing houses using wooden frames, there is a lot of effort involved in making wooden angles and channels however, this is not the case with stainless steel angles. Additionally, there are many types, qualities and grades of steel angles that can be chosen. These are available at various price ranges.
Steel Angles
Steel Angles

The Benefits of Stainless Steel

In the construction and metallurgy industry, stainless steel has come to be known as a synonym for stability and durability. It doesn’t corrode like some other types of metals and can be used flexibly, as per the demands of the project. It also provides security from damage caused by heat and chemical exposure.

Stainless steel angle is 100% recyclable and every time it is reused, the stability and sturdy features remain unchanged. These are some reasons why stainless steel is taking over the construction industry and giving wood and other lumber construction products a run for their money. However, one thing that must be remembered is that stainless steel can be expensive when compared to alternatives. Although it is a fact that the initial cost may be high, but it definitely proves worthwhile in the long run.

There are many factors to consider, before you buy the aluminum doors. You can search from online portals to get an idea about the sizes, the types and the cost of the stainless steel angles.
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