The Universal Types and Benefits of Oticon Hearing Aids

Hearing is an important factor and healthy hearing includes the ability in a person to recognize the smallest sound to largest sound (from 20 to 20000 Hertz). For understanding words, our brain works as a filter. When we hear something, our brain catches the words or sound and accept those words, which we can understand. We can communicate in a noisy situation or we can also hear some smallest sound like mosquito buzzing can be heard only because of our hearing capability and strong frequency level. Hearing loss is reckoned the second most common disorder after backache. Over 19.4% people around the world suffer from this problem and amongst the many only 4% choose to use hearing aids, so that they are able to overcome this condition. There are indeed several aids available in the market, and the oticon hearing aids are one of them.
Oticon Hearing Aids
Oticon Hearing Aids

How Do You Opt For Hearing Aid?

There are many variants of hearing aids, but you need to choose the ideal one based on your level of impairment and suggestions given by audiologist. This is because an audiologist has a brief understanding about the differences between every device, the present condition that you are going through and thus the one that would be appropriate for you.

Common Types of Hearing Aids

Though there are tons of options present for those who are unable to hear properly, and your audiologist will share some of the best types according to the circumstances and conditions that you are going through.
  • Behind the ear (BTE) is an easy to maintain and simple Octicon hearing aids that stands suitable for hearing impairment at varied levels.
  • In the canal (ITC) or in the ear (ITE) are perhaps the smallest hearing aid that are designed for those who are suffering from moderate or mild hearing loss.
  • For those who are a victim of limited hearing problems can take advantage of the alternative listening device.
Hearing Aids
Despite of being a prominent disorder, not many opt for hearing aids to resolve this condition. But, professional audiologists suggest that using Octicon hearing aids can be highly beneficial because you  can carry this hearing aid easily and the effectiveness of this hearing aid is competitive than other aids.
  • Better Living: When you are able to hear better then you can lead a satisfying life by enriching each moment to the fullest. This itself drives a sense of happiness and lets you perform your everyday activities without any sort of complications.
  • Lowers chances of cognitive decline: Several studies have found relation between sudden cognitive decline and hearing impairment. This is because loss of hearing actually increases the risk of dementia and thus affects cognitive functions largely. You would never want that to happen with you and that is the reason why choosing the best hearing aid after consulting with your audiologist is important.
  • Reduces annoyance: Being annoyed is a common behavior that one projects when he/she is unable to hear or understand what is being said to him or her. At times, this can be a serious cause of stress and affect cognitive abilities as well.
Before you plan to purchase hearing aids, it is essential to seek advice from the experts. For this you can fix an appointment with the best audiologist near you, let them asses your present condition and then consult with them about the type of hearing aids that would be the best. It is suggested to consult with your nearest audiologist for selecting the right hearing aid, because you may require some different frequency aid, and only a professional audiologist can perform an audiogram and outline the plan for improving your hearing.
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