Security Screen Doors: Make Your Home Secure

Security screen doors are mainly constructed with the two metals as aluminum and steel. They can either be used as sliding or hinged doors. These doors are available in a variety of shapes and designs; they are mostly set in metal grille set in a metal frame, backed up by a light mesh that keeps insects at bay. These are installed with a heavy-duty locks and recessed hinges that make the door more secure and tedious to force open.

Security Screen Door
  • Security screen doors are mostly constructed in door frames that are made of any metal alloy. Metal is strong enough to provide doors with security features. Doors made of aluminum don’t rust and are comparatively expensive than steel frames.

  • Security screen doors serve the feature to let air and light enter your house. Also, they provide protection from burglars if you get these installed from a professional and use strong doors for the purpose. There should always be a strong frame to which the door should be attached, as a weak frame will reduce its effectiveness. However, if your door is effectively installed by any professional service and CCTV surveillance is there, these enhancements can make any intruder impossible to get inside your home.

  • There are also HD security screen doors available that meet the requirements of any contemporary styled door and are high quality capable of meeting the desired requirements of modern security doors with features. They can be customized and designed according to your personal security needs. They are well designed and are available in accordance with modern technology that leaves no stone unturned to regulate the entry of intruders.

  • Security screen doors are usually powder coated, as paint doesn’t hold up well under the sun, and a painted door usually requires maintenance. However, what makes powder distinct from paint is that powder coating usually does not require a solvent that keeps binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form like paint. Powder coating is applied electrostatic ally that is kept under the sun or heat that helps to create a hard finish that turns out be tougher than conventional paint that is applied on the door. The screws and screen frames should be powder coated, so they match is the color with the door and usually last long.

  • Apart from fulfilling security feature, security screen doors also add another feather in the cap by sealing out bugs. In some parts of the world, there is a major problem of mosquitoes, and no one wants flies or poisonous scorpions to enter in their homes. The security screen door companies keep these things in mind and make use of peel and stick that creates a foam tape that seals the security door. However, the foam tape may harden or crack with time and so appropriate measures should be taken in order to replace it once a year, always looks for a bug- tight seal, as these strips last for a long time and hardly require any maintenance.

  • You should always keep in consideration the product guarantees or warranties that come with the security door. Make sure that you thoroughly inquire as to what happens if there is a break- in or handle comes loose or how long the door will function normally without any hassle and does guarantee covers labor. And does the misalignment of the door comes under the warranty or guarantee cover.

These are the considerations you should always keep in mind before finding the right security screen door if you want to receive the best results from the security doors.

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