Know About Both Heating And Cooling

What does an air conditioner do?

As we all know, air conditioners are installed so as to reduce the temperature of a particular room, building or space. Most buildings, malls, hospitals, nursing homes, theatres, restaurants, hotels, trains, aircrafts, cars, etc. tend to have ACs installed so as to make the people living or travelling or even visiting can feel comfortable during warm seasons.

However, contrary to popular knowledge and belief, an air conditioner does not only cool a space or room but also can heat it up. Basically, the functions of an air conditioner are to:

  • Heat
  • Cool
  • Humidify
  • Dehumidify
  • Ventilate

How does both the process take place?

To start with, explicating the process of reducing the temperature and humidity would help understand better. The job of an AC is to remove the heat from inside a space to the outside, thereby making the interior more comfortable and less hot.

They pump out the heat and humidity from the air and cool it. The hot air is cooled through the use of a set of cold pipes that are normally referred to as evaporator coils. These coils are filled up with a liquid that is known as a refrigerant. It is this refrigerant that changes its state from being a liquid to that of a gas. This change of state happens as it absorbs all the heat from the air.

Then the refrigerant is drawn out of the room or space to another coil. Here, the heat is condensed and it changes its state back from being a gas to a liquid. The pump that works as a mediator between the two coils as the refrigerant moves back and forth between is called the compressor.

Now, in terms of the reverse process where the air conditioner acts as a heater during cold or winter seasons, the machine sucks out the coldness of the air and pushes back the heat and humidity into the air. The whole process is same, except that it works in a reverse manner.

There are machines known as heaters that are available separately and can be used to heat up a space or room. The process of increasing or decreasing the temperature works greatly and efficiently, depending upon the requirement of the people using it.

Hence, in conclusion,

Both are pretty necessary in times of extreme hot or cold. There are different types (portable; fixed; ducted; ductless; etc.) of them and one can choose among the options to find the best suited one.

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