What Involves The Cooling System?

What is meant by the cooling system?

As we very well know, air conditioners are the ones can both cool as well as heat a room, building or space. The cooling system for buildings form part of the HVAC technology. In all, the job of an air conditioner is to cool, heat, ventilate, humidify and also dehumidify. It involves a refrigeration cycle or a procedure of evaporation as well.

What does the procedure involve?

The system is a mechanism that works so as to cool a place, be it a building, a room or any other space. With the constant increase in global warming and the resultant temperature, reducing the temperature of a place through the use of air conditioners have become mandatory or a sheer necessity in most places.

This process takes place through the refrigeration cycle or evaporation, as mentioned above. According to it, the heat of a particular space or room is pumped out, thereby making the room comfortable. Air conditioners basically blow cold air inside the room by sucking out the heat and humidity from the air. The air becomes cold through the evaporator coil that is filled with a refrigerant. A refrigerant is a special liquid that transforms from its liquid state to gaseous as it absorbs all the heat from the air.

Then, the refrigerant, in its gaseous state, is sucked outside the room through another coil called the condenser which then transforms back into its original liquid state. The pump that helps the refrigerant move from one coil to another and back is known as the compressor. It is this compressor that keeps a note of the pressure of the refrigerant and also sees to the proper transformation into different states such as the liquid and the gaseous.

The various functions that it performs

It not only changes the temperature of a place but also does various other things such as:

  • It takes away the humidity.
  • It keeps the air clean of any kind of harmful organisms or particles like dust, mold, etc.
  • Supplies required amount of ventilation.

Hence, in order to conclude,

To sum it all, it can be said that there are various types of ACs such as: split, ductless, central, evaporative, portable, etc. and all of them work efficiently depending upon their requirements. Also referred to as an AC or even an aircon, this is a process that involves changing the temperature and humidity of air into conditions that would be suitable for the people living or working there. It also requires proper maintenance, checkups and also replacements when necessary.

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