Essential Things to Know about Pet Minder

Look around you and you will notice a new phenomenon. The number of pets in your neighborhood has increased over the period of last ten years. People keep dogs, cats and birds in their apartments. The number of breeds available has also increased. Initially, people would opt for the most common breeds of dogs and cats, which would be easy to handle and maintain. This was due to the mere fact that it takes time, care and money to handle a pet.

However, with an improvement in the economic situation, there has been an increase in the number of people adopting and purchasing domesticated animals and birds. This has given rise to a new type of employment. This is referred to as pet minding.

Who are pet minders?

As the name suggests, it is a person who minds the pet animal or bird. With an increased number of people having pets this job has become quite important. The owner of the pet pays the pet minder to house, sit and take care of their pet animal. While this may sound appealing, there are a number of different aspects to be considered before selecting a pet minder. Let us look at these in detail to get a better understanding of this role.

To start with, let us look at it from the owner's point of view.

You need someone who is comfortable and confident with all kinds of animals and birds

Most people are highly scared of dogs and cats. This is due to traumatic experiences in their childhood. Some of them cannot tolerate the constant noise made by birds. Some also find it hard to keep up with a pet that is always on the move. Therefore, this narrows down the field considerably.

You need someone who can handle basic activities like feeding, walking and bathing the pet

The mundane activities are what repulse people. Most individuals cannot handle the sight and smell of a pet at its daily activities.  This becomes even more of an issue when they have to pick up the excreta and dispose of it. The same goes for birds. While the smell may not be too much of an issue, it still has to be cleaned. Then there is the issue of bathing, changing the litter box and feeding. Again, the person has to be comfortable to perform these activities.

Let us now take a look from the perspective of the person who takes up the job of pet minding.

Evaluate the needs of the neighborhood

Not every area would require an animal shelter. Some locations are filled with families where everybody is working and kids are too young to be trusted with these responsibilities. This is the best location to begin such a business.

Collect professional references or exhibit your comfort with the pet

If an individual has done such activities before, they should provide the contact details of those who had hired them. If they are a rookie, they need to establish a bond with the animal as soon as they enter the house.

Determine the activities and the time spent for it as plans

It is necessary to know the activity level of the pet. If it is a dog who likes to play catch, then the sitter should dedicate a huge portion of time to this game. In contrast, a parrot may like to spend some time outside the cage. This information should be gleaned from the owners in the first meeting itself. The minder should clearly state his or her timings and its breakup. This will help the pet owner feel comfortable with the minder.

So if you see or hear of a job asking someone to take care of a pet, stop and consider the skill sets needed for that.


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