Marble Kitchen Benchtops – A Detailed Buying Guide

A kitchen is a place the whole family gathers and has the most memorable moments. Every homeowner would want the kitchen to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing along with a lot many other qualities. The key part of any kitchen is the kitchen benchtop. Working in the kitchen becomes a lot easier and pleasant when you have a benchtop with a perfect shine and finish. Many people opt for having marble kitchen benchtops adoring their kitchens.
Marble Kitchen Benchtops
Marble Kitchen Benchtops
There is a reason for marble kitchen benchtops being so popular among homeowners. The reason is its smooth and shiny surface and the various colours and styles available. Even though marble kitchen benchtops cost more than other stone benchtops, the aesthetic appeal that these marble benchtops offer to the whole kitchen. It somehow lightens up the whole kitchen. Before finalising the type of kitchen marble that you want to install in your home, you first need to determine the basic 3 factors that dictate the choice:
  1. Cost: Marble is an expensive stone. All various grades vary in prices. The costlier ones are smoother with the least impurities and the lower graded ones have some impurities embedded in them. Now, based on your budget, you can decide which grade would be suitable for you.
  2. Style: Each person has varying personalities and that defines the style of finish you would want for your kitchen marble benchtop. The living style of the family members also chips in. Each marble stone type has maintenance requirements and properties of its own.
  3. Care and attention required: Marble benchtops are not as resistant to stains as other types of benchtops are. So, if you are a cleaning freak, you are less likely to have any such worry about staining. But for others, it is preferable to get coated kitchen marble benchtops to prevent quick staining.
Marble kitchen benchtops have their own cons. First being that they are highly expensive. Marble benchtops are susceptible to scratches and stains. This makes the benchtop look less pleasing after some duration of time due to the stains and scratches. But you can always protect the benchtop by getting it coated. 
Marble Kitchen Benchtops
Marble Kitchen Benchtops
Also, when compared to all these drawbacks, the benefits of kitchen marble benchtops are too many, all of those are listed below:
  • High heat resistance: The marble benchtops are widely preferred for their heat resisting properties. In a kitchen, where the benchtop has the heating stove along with several other hot vessels, marble is a good choice of material to ensure that the benchtop stays strong and sturdy for years together. Also, as it is a bad conductor of heat, you can prevent getting yourself burned or harm yourself during cooking.
  • Not chipped or damaged easily by sharp objects: Marble is highly durable material that cannot be damaged by small pokes by the knife or the blender blade. The kitchen has several sharp things. All these items can chip or damage the benchtop if it is not durable enough. That is why, people prefer getting marble kitchen benchtops as they are resistant to chipping.
  • A timeless beauty: If the marble benchtop is cleaned regularly and is well-maintained, the stone looks bright and appealing in any kitchen, It reflects light off its surface and makes the place look pleasing and welcoming. Marble is a stone that ancient people used to make monuments. So, obviously, a marble benchtop would look quite appealing in a kitchen. As marble is highly durable, its appearance is timeless and ageless.
All these points, can help you decide the type and style of marble kitchen benchtops that suit your taste and can adore your kitchen.
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