Facts to Keep in Mind Before Starting an Air-Con Installation Service

If you have already been using an air conditioner at your home or you are going to fix one for your newly constructed home, there are a few important things that you need to ensure before you start out on the installation job. Let us look at some of these aspects to get the air-conditioner working in an efficient manner.
Air-Con Installation Service
Air-Con Installation Service

Determine the Capacity of Your Air-Conditioned

Split system air con installation begins with you identifying the correct size of equipment that your home requires. Often this aspect is left out of consideration due to various reasons. All split system air con systems are measured with respect to tons. This has a simple method of understanding, a 1-ton air con can replace or expel 12000 BTU from the room. In other words a 12000 BTU of air con would take about 24 hours to melt one ton of ice. Hence for a room size of 700 to 800 square feet you can choose a 1-ton air conditioner. While are larger than required air-conditioner can be a waste of financial resources, a lower and underperforming air con will bear heavy load, consume more power to cool the home down and may take longer time to condition the air too.

Basic Installation Requirements

If this is the first time that split system air con installation is being performed, you will need to get the wiring done accurately to carry the right amount of load with respect to power. A new circuit breaker and a fully fledged electric panel with appropriate wire that runs from the main electric supply will need to be fixed.

The split system works on two units, one that sits on the outside of the home and one that is fixed inside the home. While the internal unit can be hooked on to bolts on the wall, the external unit is best placed on a strong platform. However, if it’s not available, you can choose using metal frames as an alternative that are readily available at a DIY store.

Since only one unit is best fixed in each room, you will need to plan well on the locations that indoor and outdoor unit will sit on. You do not want the outdoor unit to ruin your external décor of the home, hence you may need to suspend it, or conceal its visibility from the outside, and this will require good planning.
Air-Con Installation
Air-Con Installation

Appropriate Holes for the Conduits

Drilling holes have always been a part of split system air con installation both in the past and with modern air cons. Earlier with the window air con, the hole would almost be the size of the air con itself. In the case of split system air con installation, the hole is only for the conduit that will enter the room to the indoor unit and connect externally with the outdoor unit. The need for the holes to be minimal is especially important, since this can cause cool air from the room to escape and at the same time allow warmer air to enter the room. Holes if not sealed well can both reduce the life of the air con and at the same time decrease its efficiency too.

Choosing a Contractor for Installation

If you have found that the above details met during installation are not strengths and skills you possess, it is advisable to reach out the professional contractor to take care of the split system air con installation. You should ensure that you have some online research done before you finalize on the contractor, request for earlier work that they have performed, take a tour to see their quality of work and interview people who have received their services in the past. This should be good ground work before you sign a contract for split system air conditioner installation.
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