Who Needs A Bathroom Renovations?

Is your house older than 10 years old? Do you smell something strange when walking into your bathroom? Are you unable to relax when you are using your bathroom? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to consider bathroom renovations. A bathroom renovation can be a small or large project. When considering a renovation, it’s important, you discuss all costs and options with a professional so that you can complete the project within your budget.
Bathroom Renovation

What are some of the things to consider?

Cost, time frame, materials, and contracting team are some important things you need to consider when planning for bathroom renovations.
  • Cost: The costs of a renovation can become high very quickly. Some things that will increase your costs quickly are any changes to the foundation or plumbing of your bathroom. These items require much planning and the cost to hire professional is quite high. The cost of materials is another item that can increase your total costs of renovation quickly. These options can be discussed with your contracting team, which is another good reason to pick the best team available.
  • Materials: There are a few key material selections you must consider when planning. First is flooring. Flooring materials typically are tile or cement, but there are other materials, which you can use such as carpeting and hard wood. As the room will be high in humidity, you must carefully choose the material, which can handle moisture or else, you will end up replacing the materials in the near future. Other material one must consider is counter tops. The counter tops are typically granite, linoleum, or ceramic tile. These materials can handle moisture well, so they are a popular choice.
  • Time Frame: Another important option to consider is time frame for your bathroom renovations. One can choose to make renovations on a short timeline but it may end up requiring many workers and cause disruptions to anyone trying to live in the home at the time of renovations. It’s suggested that the homeowners vacate the house to speed up the renovation schedule. If speed is not a problem, one can plan to have the renovations happen over a longer period. This may decrease costs and the contractor can work during his down time. However, the homeowner needs to plan accordingly, as the bathroom will be unavailable during the duration of the renovations.
  • Contracting Team: Choosing the right contracting team to get the job done may be the single most important choice in the whole renovation process. The contracting team is responsible for putting together the plan, informing the homeowners of the timelines, keeping to the timelines, and hiring the skilled labor required to perform a quality renovation. When choosing a contractor, it’s recommended to get word of mouth recommendations from past clients or friends and family. It is also important that you feel comfortable working with the contractor, as the contractor may need to explain cost overruns or scheduling errors with the homeowners. These conversations can be tensed but a skilled contractor can ease the tension.
  • Fixtures: To put the finishing touches on the project, the homeowners need to choose the fixtures that best suit the dwelling. Fixtures come in an almost endless number of varieties. There are different styles such as modern, colonial, European, or craftsman. The number of material choices is quite large. Homeowners can choose from materials such as: chrome, brushed, or polished nickel, satin or oil-rubbed bronze, copper, brass, or white. The choice of fixtures is purely cosmetic and can give the homeowner a way to express their individual style when making the bathroom renovations

Thus, go for renovation only after considering these factors. 

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