Points to Clarify Before Asking for an Extra Bin Hire

The companies working on waste management have some rules to follow. They are likely to schedule a date with the users to pick up the trash from a selected spot in their neighborhoods. These companies are always on time and follow timely schedules whole heatedly. However, it is important for you to learn something extra about these companies. You will be given bins, where you have to store your garbage.

Extra Bin Hires

However, due to multiple reasons the bins, already provided, might not be enough for you. There are many times when you want to replace your broken bins with an extra bin hire. Each company has its own set of rules before providing extra bins to customers. You have to follow that if you want that extra garbage bin.

Importance of bins:

It is really quite unhygienic to keep your trash in an open air or right on road. Open trash cans are a complete no-no, as that will not prevent bacteria and viruses from mixing with the surrounding air. Therefore, the waste management companies are always there to present you with covered trash bins, once you have registered for their services. Here, you will be given a trash can and have to store your garbage inside it only. If you do not do it and kept it somewhere else, the person will not take the trash from you. So, if you broke your bin or lost it somehow, then do not forget to get yourself an extra bin hire. You just need to have a chat with the online experts of your waste management company, and they will present you with the points to follow regarding these scenarios.

If you are qualified for it:

It might not seem that complicated at first, but you need to be qualified to get extra bin hire. These garbage collection companies are only working for their clients and will not help others, who are not registered with their company. So, you have to go through some serious question and answer round to prove your qualification, before procuring an extra garbage bin.

  • You are always welcome to apply for that additional bin if you are using food waste and recycling collections.
  • This kind of service is only available for those living in a household with five or more occupants, two or more children and someone with some medical conditions.
  • The information, as provided, needs to be proven before applying for that added bin. If you fail to do so, you are not entitled to get an extra garbage bin.
Extra Bin Hire

Points to note down:

It is important for you to check out on the points, associated with the services of an extra bin hire. First of all, you need to be aware of the cost. Apart from paying the monthly fee, you have to pay few pennies extra for the additional bin. That amount will be added with the monthly amount you are already paying at the end of every month.

Can turn out to be a free choice:

However, the extra bins can be a free choice for you, if you receive certain income benefits like council tax benefit, housing benefit or the income support. Then you are free from spending a single penny for that extra bin hire. But, that is not so easy to get. You have to prove that you receive such benefits, before applying for free bins. The Waste awareness officer is going to come straight to your place and will ask to check your documents. So, keep the necessary documents ready and you will be entitled to that extra trash bin soon enough. You can even request for these bins through online sources.

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