All You Should Know About Skoda Maintenance and Servicing

Skoda is a Czech automobile manufacturer which was established in 1895. This carmaker has one of the most interesting backstories in the automobile manufacturing world and has steadily risen to the top over the last few decades. The line-up of Skoda cars is definitely impressive and considered by many to be the go-to brand for durable and reliable automobiles.

However, like all cars, your Skoda too needs care and regular maintenance. Frequent Skoda service will make sure that it stays durable for years. Not only does servicing improve overall performance of the car but also ensures that the parts do not need replacements or repairs very often. Therefore, if you want to avoid major repairs, it is important that you invest a small amount of time and money in regular care. Given below is a detailed discussion of the best way to maintain your Skoda.

Know Skoda Maintenance and Servicing

Some Common Skoda Problems and How to Tackle Them

If you want to know about some of the most common problems that Skoda cars face and how to maintain them, here is a list of troubleshooting tips:

  • Sometimes, your car might suffer from lack of acceleration which can lead the car to stall at junctions and other similar problems. One of the most common causes of this problem is the clogging up of the throttle body by carbon build up. The car might also splutter or cough when idling. If you notice problems like this the solution is quite simple and might sort out the issue instantly. All you have to do is clean the throttle body with a brush after removing it.
  • Carbon build-up might also cause the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve or EGR to get blocked. The problem caused by this will be similar to the one mentioned above. That is, you might notice a lack of acceleration and rough engine idling. The solution is as simple as removing the valve and brushing off the build-up with a brush. A toothbrush will be ideal to do the job. If you are wary of carrying out these yourself, contact a Skoda service for professional help.
  • Another common problem with a Skoda vehicle might be the clogging up of plenum chamber (located below the windscreen directly next to the window wiper mechanism) with debris and leaves. This might result in water leak in the passenger's footwell in the front. If you encounter this problem, try and unblock the holes of the plenum chamber. When the debris has been removed, the water will drain through the holes and stop the leak.
  • Sometimes, you might notice the Diesel Particulate Filter or the DPR light on. This light indicates an issue related to the blocking of the DPF. Skoda cars that are fitted with DPR are not exactly great to be used for short distance journeys as the DPF can get clogged during these. A simple solution that works most of the time is to take the car out to an open road and drive at 2500 rpm for 5-10 miles. This will make the filter hot enough to burn off the particles clogging it.
Skoda Service

Therefore, if you encounter one of the above-mentioned problems with your Skoda, try these easy troubleshooting tips to make sure you get the car back on track in no time. In order to make sure that your car functions to the top of its ability for years, make sure that you make regular trips to your chosen Skoda service centre. A thorough overview of the car by a professional mechanic will inform you if any important parts require repair or replacing before the problems start appearing.

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