Why Timber Dining Tables Can Be a Good Choice for Your Dining Space?

Dining area is the best place to have meal together with your family members and those you love most. Dining with them definitely makes your bond with them stronger. You can even invite guests and your friends once in a while especially on certain occasions like homecoming or Christmas. After all, as they say, family that eats together stays together for a lifetime. The vibes you create in dinner area matters a lot in order to feel the warmth and everlasting joy.

From candles to dining set and tables and dishes, all of it helps create cozy environment that reflects style, coziness and love. Along with your body, this is the place that also vitalizes your heart and soul, which makes dinner table more than just a place where you indulge in hearty, delicious meals. Many people are fond of timber and deliberately choose to go for timber dining tables.

Since you know the dinner table is the highlight of your kitchen and good times, being prissy about the selection of perfect dining table is quite normal. With carefully selected table, you can bring playful spirit and turn the place into game zone, too. Here is how you can choose the best to match your personal needs and taste.

Timber Dining Table
Timber Dining Table

Sturdy Hardwood

Durability is the focal point of many who appreciate and seek long term value when they select their favorite from the list of options. To ensure you receive strength and durability in your dining table, material plays a major impact in order to decide what could grace your place. Some of the choices that you usually get when you scour the market are oak, timber, teak, walnut, maple and mahogany. They can turn your table into something really elegant, exquisite and sophisticated.

Plywood and Fiber Board

Dinner tables made of composite woods like plywood and fiber board do not impose burden on your wallet. They are also considered to be the good looking tables. However, it may not offer you greater strength and durability as you might be expecting from hardwood tables like timber dining tables. If you are a kind of person who doesn’t like to hover for long around dinner table, you can opt for alternative option medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Shiny Materials

Glass, marbles, slate and granite stone are not the kind of material merely used for countertop construction. They can also add shine, grace and panache to your dining table if you welcome the sense of shine and polish at the time of dining. Marbles and slate are the materials that offer ease while cleaning the mess left after dinner. So if you are not the big fan of wood, these shiny materials can be your stylish dinner companion.

Polished Wood with Natural Finish

Wood is many homeowners’ intuitive choice because it possesses natural aesthetics that no other material can. The wood market offers amazing range of wooden tables that you can give your heart to. There is no limit to accidental spills spoiling the dinner area since your family is full of mischievous children. This is why you can select wooden table especially timber dining tables that age sluggishly. Natural finish of dinner tables form patina after spending long years of dinners and celebrations.

The Shape and Size of The Table

Dining Table
Dining Table

When buying the dinner table, one needs to be extra careful about its dimensions. This is because if it doesn’t fit into the space of your room, it will not be comfortable to move around. You should maintain about 40-50 inches clearance from walls when placing the table. This is to ensure that diners can sit down and leave the table easily with comfort, without performing special squirming manoeuvers. Besides, it will make the space look overly crammed.

Round table with pedestal is perfect when there is smaller space and need for more leg room. It leaves stretch worthy space for guests who arrive in large numbers. On the other hand, rectangular timber dining tables might suit your room with ample space and when there are more guests to entertain.

Similarly, square tables and oval shaped tables have also gained popularity and can add both style and comfort to your dining space.

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