Material Available in Vanity Tops

Just like kitchen bench tops, you have the bathroom vanity tops available in different materials. These can enhance the look of your bathroom besides being functional. You need to make sure of the factor of durability before you opt for a specific vanity top. These should be tough so that they can withstand the moisture, water and other harsh elements found in a bathroom. The first step in choosing this depends on how the bathroom is used. After which, style, budget and materials are the factors to be considered.

Vanity Tops
Vanity Tops

Most vanity tops for bathrooms are surfaced with Laminate, Marble and Granite, Material of solid surface and wood or tiles. Here we provide some information on each of these to help you make the right choice.


Laminate seems to be a popular choice as it is durable and reasonably priced. This laminate, though manufactured under different names, is made up of plastic layers which are bonded together under heat and pressure. These can be maintained with ease as cleaning them is no big problem, besides which, these are resistant to stain and water. You need to be aware that laminate vanity tops can chip or dent with hard blows and these tend to dull with the passing of time. The finished of this are available in a wide range the like leather look or even the high-gloss smooth look. You have multiple patterns and colors to choose from. These can be installed easily and does not require the help of professionals.

Marble and Granite

Though marble and granite can offer a posh look, you need to know that these are a wee bit costlier, requiring maintenance and care. Marble can be considered ‘delicate’ as it tends to stain easily as compared to granite. Granite, on the other hand, is stain resistant except for grease. You can opt for the granite or marble tiles if a slab works out more than you have budgeted for. Cultured marble, made of real marble chips which are embedded in plastic, can work out affordable. You can choose this with or without the wash basin molded in to it. You need to know that once this is scratched you will be unable to resurface this, so requires utmost care and precaution while being used.


Tiles offer an attractive finish for vanity tops and are available in a wide range of designs and colors. The drawback with this is that grime and dirt can get trapped in the grout lines. Sealers can help to a certain extent with this problem. As installing this requires expertise it is essential to take professional help.


Easy to install with a lot of versatility, wood works out as an attractive option for vanity tops.  It is difficult to clean due to the porosity of the material. You need to make sure that any softwood or hardwood used should be sealed with marine varnish or polyurethane. It requires proper sealing especially near the plumbing fixtures so that water seeping can be avoided. This can lead to rotting of the wood.

Vanity Tops for Bathroom
Vanity Tops for Bathroom

Choosing the apt material can be easy if you consider your lifestyle and budget. This can help you narrow down your search. You can log onto the internet as you have multiple vanity tops listed here with detailed information. You need to ensure that choosing a specific material which is durable, means you will be staying in the same home for a long period of time.

Choosing the right material for vanity tops can be an overwhelming process. You need to get the right one for making a great impact on the entire look of the bathroom.

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