Why Pick Granite Headstones for Your Loved Ones?

There are several kinds of headstones available in the market such as wooden, marble and granite stones. But if you want to make something permanent then you can go for the granite headstones for your loved ones. It is true that during cremation, it is not possible to calculate the expenses. But it is also true that you need to overcome your emotions and spend your amount wisely, because afterwards you need to arrange for the cremation ceremony and invite the guests also. So in this regards it is suggested to have a look on the granite headstone which are very affordable and you can easily engrave your memorable messages on this stone within few hours only. 


What Are the Advantages of Granite Headstone? 

  • Durability and Longevity: You don’t want to compromise on quality when it comes to the last ceremonies of a loved one and granite is one of the most durable materials or stones in this reference. First of all, granite is quite resistance to weather conditions being it rain, snow, storm, ice or even a hurricane. It is really difficult for these harsh weather factors to cause damage to a granite headstone. But the granite stone is much effective than wooden headstone because it can provide you with best longevity and affordable features. Also you can encrypt your messages on this granite stone. In this regards you can consult with the professionals who design these headstone, and they will show you thousand templates of their previous work. You can choose a template or you can also customize the design of your headstone as per your requirement. 
  • Choice of Colors and Designs: Another benefit of granite is that you are able to get more choices available. With granite headstones you can get a more versatile range of colors and choices. There are the classic black granite pieces or even the sophisticated and elegant maroon and lighter shades of grey. So you can pick a color that was adored by your dear one and use it on the headstone. Plus, you can also pick from a matte or a glossier finish here to give the headstone a unique touch.  You can also combine the same with a slight touch of metal or other stones to create a subtle blend. 
Granite Headstones
Granite Headstones
  • Versatility: With granite headstones you can also opt for etching names, poems or readings on the stone without much fuss. This material is easy to work on and can also be sandblasted. Beyond this, you also have the option to polish the granite if required, to regain some shine and luster. It is also possible to reduce the gloss or give a matt look without much trouble. There are carvings possible on these headstones too, which add a personal touch. In fact, these services like etching and carving are much suggested here as this rough and tough stone can withstand the pressure of the same. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The aesthetic appeal of granite headstones is unmatched as compared to other forms like regular sandstone or even marble. The regal finishes that granite gives you adds to the beautification of your beloved’s resting place. You can pick from a range of options again like granites that contain some flecks of other color contrast like blue and green. Some have a bit of golden tinge too. Remember that such a blend of colors would not really degrade your granite quality. 

There are also various types of granite headstones available in the market and you need to choose the perfect one according to your budget only. For more details, you can also search on the internet and place your order accordingly. 

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