What Are Some of the Benefits and Features of Granite Benchtops?

Granite is a solid, quite rough surfaced igneous rock, composed mainly of quartz, feldspar, and mica. It is widely used in constructions; especially its polished forms are popular with benchtops and countertops. Granite is expensive and a very decorative stone and you can get a variety of colors in the same. Granite benchtops are charming and give spectacular aesthetic, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. These are highly recommended for benchtops and countertops and are available in variety of styles and colors. Also, granite can stay strong against any natural destructive elements. 
Granite Benchtops
Granite Benchtops

Properties of Granite Benchtops That Make Them Ideal to Be Used for Kitchens and Gardens: 

Granite is not penetrable, unlike lamination and paints can easily survive extreme natural conditions such as high temperature, hails, etc. But, they can undergo contraction and expansion, so it is best to avoid exposing it too extreme hot and cold, as cracking may occur. Granite also can withstand discoloration and scraping. Granite benchtops, which are environment-friendly, are aseptic and very easy to keep clean and to preserve. 

Advantages of Using Granite for Benchtops Over Other Materials: 

When it comes to deciding on a good material for a benchtop, granite is among the best in the market. Granite benchtops appear attractive and beautiful in any setting because of their varied colors and styles. Granite has some notable advantages over other materials like wood, plastic, etc. Listed are some of the benefits of using granite instead of any other materials on your bench. 
  • Granite is one of the widely used, long-lasting materials for benchtops and countertops. It can tolerate different aggressive weather conditions, including high temperature, without deteriorating. So you need not worry about having outdoor granite benchtops. It also can hold heavy weight. 
  • Granite is also an expression of sophistication that you may not get with other materials. It denotes affluence and luxury, even though it doesn't seem so expensive in the end. Granite is versatile, also a comprehensive design, that never goes out of fashion, and so you can use granite benchtops for several years without worrying about it not fitting the time period. Since you get granite in variety of different colors and patterns, you can change the benchtop at any time. 
  • You can choose granite benchtops; they can be as long or short as we require them to be. You need to place customized order if you require specific sized benchtops. Customized benchtops can cause extra money, but it is worth investing if you do not want to invest on benchtops again for a long time in the future. No matter whether you need one for indoor or outdoor, granite benches can fit the bill. 
Granite Benchtops Melbourne
Granite Benchtops Melbourne

Things to Know About Granite Benchtops Before You Buy Them: 

  • Thickness: Granite usually comes in 2cms and 3cms thickness. If we need other than this measurement, you can place customized order. 
  • Selecting Your Color: Purchasing granite can be little tough and overwhelming with all the different variants. To make this process easier, decide on the type you want before you go for shopping, mainly color and the pattern of the granite stone. 
  • Material Variance: As we know already, there are variances in the color, style, and veining of the stone. These differences can be found from block to another, and mostly from shipment to shipment purchased for inventory. 
There are a number of granite suppliers who are available in the market and you can consult with them for getting some of the best customized benchtops for your kitchen or for the outdoor areas. You can tell them the estimate and the type of material that you want and they will customize the designs.
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