Make Your Festivities Special with Etched Wine Glasses

There are many ways in which you can gift a smile to your loved ones. There are different types of gift items like flowers, candles and chocolates which you can find for your loved ones, but now, with the concept of customized etched wine glasses, there has been a revolution in the field of gifting to your near and dear ones. You can simply etch or emboss the monograms or the logo of your company on the wine glasses, if you want these to be presented as corporate gifts; else you want to present them as personal gifts, then you can simply write some messages, etch some pictures of your relatives or friends and present these glasses to them. What sets them apart from other regular gift items?

Gifting Etched Wine Glasses for Any Event
Gifting Etched Wine Glasses for Any Event
  • Etched wine glasses are the perfect gift items for weddings, for anniversaries and for official engagement and retirement parties.
  • They are available in various shapes, muted colors. You can also gift colorful etched wine glasses decorated and wrapped in boxes of different size.
  • There are now different online stores from where you can easily choose the designs and the cuts of the etched wine glasses and customize and order them accordingly. The company will deliver these glasses packed in bubble wraps right at your doorstep. The payment options are quite feasible so you can pay them online through card or get them cash delivered at your doorstep.

The Important Things to Keep in Mind About the Size and The Style of Fonts

It is very important to choose the right fonts when you decide about gifting etched glassware for any event. The fonts should not be too small or too large, but they should be clearly visible. It is advisable to use cursive fonts, so that they look more decorative and they enhance the ornamental value of the event for which you buy the glasses:

  • If you want to do the etching all by yourself, then you need high quality and sturdy glasses on which you can do the etching with fine etching creams. Also, the style of the fonts should not be too slanted or too sharp.
  • When you decide about the color of the font, always go for subdued colors, as dark hues will have an adverse effect on the beauty of the glass. In this connection, you can simply mix and match two or three colors and then use them to decorate the fonts.
  • Etching is always done with acids, so if you do the entire etching all by yourself, then you must be very careful about the concentration of acids as any mistake can spoil your entire decorative template.
  • You can use small fonts for gifting to children, but if you want to make a bold statement with larger fonts, it will give a grand and festive look.

The Different Occasions in Which You Can Use the Etched Wine Glasses

Etched Wine Glasses
Etched Wine Glasses

There are different occasions like Christmas, anniversaries, meetings, parties, New Year events, baby showers and even corporate launch parties and company inauguration programs for which you can gift the customized etched wine glasses. These not only look good as corporate gifts, but they also enhance the quality of your event, and give it a more dignified look.

So now you can make all your events special with the etched wine glasses. Printed and customized glasses are perfect for bearing the logo of any event or industries. They have now become so popular that even hotel industries and corporate houses are keeping these glasses as part of their regular cutlery sets.

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