Pros and Cons of Solid Wood Furniture

If you are decorating your home or office space, or even considering renovation options, you should consider solid wood furniture. Now people also choose some stainless steel and plastic or iron furniture for their homes and offices. But it could create some problem due to heavy rust and dirt and you need to install the solid wood furniture in your home and office, which can prevent further maintenance cost. Apart from that, this wooden furniture can also provide you with the best longevity and elegant look.

Wood Furniture
Wood Furniture

7 Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture:

1. Prices to Fit All Budgets

The first con that people usually associate with solid wood is the high prices. But thanks to engineered wood options and availability of different materials like timber, Oakwood, mahogany and many others, now you have a range of budget choices too. You can get solid wood furniture for better prices with so many variations available. People think that wood is very costly and they often choose the stainless steel furniture for their office and home to save their initial cost. But wood cannot be compared with any other materials because it provides the best longevity and reduce your maintenance cost.

2. Best Value for Money

Considering the above factor, you must also think about getting optimal value for your money. You can save some initial cost for other types of furniture but you need to spend huge maintenance cost in future. It is better to save the further expenses by installing solid wood furniture in your office and this furniture cannot be affected by rust and dust. You can also clean the wooden furniture in a normal way.

3. Uniqueness

There is no doubt that you want furniture pieces that appeal to the eye, but also stands out from the crowd. With solid wood furniture, your home would definitely be a league apart from other homes using veneer and laminate furniture pieces. The biggest issue here is that laminates are quite restrictive in style and your home would seem to be a replica of a low-cost furniture catalogue.

4. Easier Care

Remember that if there is a tear or a scratch in your regular laminate furniture, you have to immediately replace the same as there is no option of fixing the peeling. Even with repairs, the marks are quite visible. But with solid wood furniture, there are minimum risks of marks and scratches. Also, you can easily polish or wax the same in a few minutes and give your furniture an as-good-as-new appearance.

Solid Wood Furniture
Solid Wood Furniture

5. Longevity

Easier maintenance and an elongated life span for your furniture is a dual blessing. With wood, you don’t have to worry about replacing your furniture every few years. These pieces are made to last a lifetime with least care. Hence, you should ensure that you invest in solid wood furniture, especially for your bedroom, living space, etc. spaces. For the kid’s room, you can still opt for laminates because they outgrow bed sizes.

6. Quick Restyling Options

Thanks to easier resettling options, you can always sand down the finish of the wood or opt for other colors. So with least time investment and costs, you are able to achieve a whole new look for your school.

7. Weather Resistant

One con here is that you cannot leave your wooden furniture out in the patio or even garden. Getting wet is not something that wood is known for. But on the other hand, it has high resistance to heat, humidity and cold - acclimatizing to different weather needs. So as an indoor option, solid wood furniture is a more sensible choice.

It is suggested to purchase solid wood furniture from online shops and you can also consult with the furniture designers who can make your furniture according to your needs.

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