How to Choose the Right Grave Marker for The Burial of a Departed Relative

Grave markers have always been an important part of the burial ceremony of the Western world and choosing the right one can prove difficult for a person who has just lost his near and dear one. There are however certain markers to go the right and easy way. We have jotted down some advice for choosing the right headstone which will help you in times of need.

Grave Marker
Grave Marker

Things to Consider While Choosing a Grave Marker for A Near One:

  • First thing, there are cemetery regulations when it comes to markers. Some cemeteries will not allow you to put anything which does not conform to a certain, size, type or material. A grave marker is pretty costly sometimes and is very hard to choose one, so take some time out or make someone help you. It is essential that you take the help of someone like that who can take care to verify the regulations of the cemetery.  Grave markers or headstones are generally put on the grave after the ground has settled a bit so that you get some time to decide on the perfect headstone. It is really grievous time for you so putting everything into place is needed.
  • Sometimes there are certain regulations telling you the right time to put the grave marker on the grave. This is because a cemetery might have certain regulations or religious customs which have to be followed as in some religions the headstone is considered really important and must be put on the grave after an unveiling while the tombstone denotes a certain closure for the family of the departed.
  • While purchasing a grave marker, it is essential to know the different options available. Some funeral organizers will provide you with the headstone and you do not have to worry about buying it separately. This means that there is one less thing to worry about. But on the other hand you can also buy it from a local mason if you want. Also sometimes the Church will not provide the family with a headstone so they get one custom-built. This option is actually a bit costly but is best for personalization. There is also the option of ordering it online because of the absence of actual showrooms which will get you a good deal compared to the other options. But if you want to cut short on your funeral expenses, online is the best way to go.
  • There are different types of headstones and what you pay is going to be based on what you desire. There are granite headstones, marble headstones with their own particular designs which make them costlier or cheaper. So make sure you set a budget and then go to the shop.
  • Once you have selected your headstone you can choose the verses to be written on it. An epitaph is written on the headstone denoting the name and age of the deceased and occasionally the family they belonged to. But you may also choose some favorite lines of the departed.
  • There are recent developments where couples have decided their grave markers when they were alive. They have desired to be buried together after their death and have pre-selected and pre-paid for their headstones.

Hope this above mentioned information help you to while choosing a grave marker for your loved one:

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