Amazing Benefits of Gas Log Fire Place for Your Home

As the name suggests, gas log fire functions on advanced technology that makes use of gas instead of the conventional wood. There are some who totally agree with the added features and benefits that gas log provide you. And there are others who swear by the traditional wood ones. However, there are ample of benefits that you get from the gas log fireplaces. Here are some of them-

Gas Log Fires
Gas Log Fires

A Realistic Fireplace Appeal

There is a misconception that the gas log fire doesn’t have a very realistic appeal but this is not true. With advancement in technology, you can get a similar finish to that of wood fireplaces - including the charring and texture. This fireplace is designed in similar fashion too, which include either stone or granite surrounding on the outer areas. In fact, at times people are unable to differentiate between the two! Here you can also get ceramic logs that are specifically treated for flames and feature steel supports. You can get some logs that are similar in texture to wood, but are made using heat resistant foam that makes it look real.

Consistent Burning and Heating

With a wood-burning fireplace, there is always the problem of uneven heating accompanied with sudden flickers. However, gas log is designed to burn more evenly or consistently. In a gas log fire, you would note that the flames are emitted just below the logs that is similar to real flame, but with more even heating. And thanks to not getting sparks, you don’t have to worry about standing near the fireplace too.

Easier to Maintain

With fewer sparks and no ash or fly-away, there is less of a mess to clean too. These logs save you the hassle of carpets or rugs getting filled with ash or even burning in some cases. Just use a mop to sweep them clean. With minimal fuss and regular maintenance, you are sorted with the cleaning of the gas log fire areas.

Gas Log Fireplace
Gas Log Fireplace

Higher Energy Savings

If you do the math, wooden logs tend to cost you more in every possible way. You have to invest more in wood, regular cleaning and maintenance costs more - plus with fewer sparks, there is less of risk to your rug or carpet getting burnt. But above all of this, natural gas fireplaces can reduce your energy bills by almost 25%.

Safer Option

If you have kids around the house or even a pet who snuggles up near the fire with you, gas log is always a safer option. You don’t have to worry about particles flying here and there or the flames suddenly getting big. These gas log fire-places are easier to control and manage, with fewer risks and consistent heating. With no chances of spark, it is indeed a safer option.

Adds to Aesthetic Appeal

Sure there is a rustic charm about traditional fireplaces that were specifically designed for wood-fire, but gas log is also equally stylish and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. For instance, you can pick from both rustic and more contemporary designs that match the decor of your house. They occupy less of space and make use of natural looking logs, which reminds you of the fireplace at a farm or even cabin. In short, it gives you all the features of the wooden fireplaces but with fewer hassles.

So if you are thinking on getting a fireplace, then the gas log fire would definitely be a sensible option in terms of maintenance costs, repairs, and safety and of course style too.

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