Stylize Your Home with Windows and Doors

You may be wondering whether common things such as windows and doors can add an element of style to your home. It is possible as the doors and windows are designed in such a way that makes them aesthetically appealing, functional and durable.  New constructions windows and doors are used when a new home is built or an existing building is renovated.

Stylish Window Options for You

Windows play a vital role in bringing in the much fresh air and are also beneficial for circulation of air. These windows come in different styles. You may choose one based on the space in order to increase the aesthetic value of the house. The different types of windows include

Windows and Doors
  • The double hung windows: These windows are meant to ease the use of the windows and it has 2 window sashes that offer scope for ventilation.
  • Single hung windows: It is the most common window design which can be designed as windows and doors duo with a classical design.
  • Casement windows: These windows may be designed to swing inward or they may also swing outward depending on the space availability. This is again windows and doors combo that adds to the style quotient of the house.
  • Awning windows: These windows are meant especially for bathroom and kitchen areas. These windows are hinged to the frame at the top and swing outwards.
  • Glider windows: This is again a common style of window that is constructed to perfection using modern materials.
  • Bay and bow windows: Bay window is one that forms a box-like protrusion on the exterior of the building which will give an aesthetic appeal and lift the external appearance of the house. If the box like foundation protrudes into the interiors, it may be considered as a bow window.  Bay window contributes to improving the elevation of the building.
  • Speciality window: These windows can sometimes be a part of the door. These windows are available in different shapes which include hexagonal shape, pivot shape, polygon shape so on and so forth.
  • Round-top window: These windows have a rectangular bottom end while the top half is rounded.
  • Tilt and turn hopper windows: These windows are fixed to the hinge at the center and it can be rotated completely with the hinge as the axis.

Stylish Door Options for You

It is not enough if you have an aesthetic window design but ignores the door while remodeling the house. Here are some door designs that should go hand in hand to create perfect windows and doors combination. 

  • Scenic doors: These doors are quite similar to the french doors and are used for the purpose of creating private spaces without occupying much space. They also offer scenic view when they are between the interiors and exteriors.
  • Sliding doors: These doors can be operated effortlessly and they form an effective windows and doors combo with glider windows.
  • Swinging patio doors: These doors again may be fitted in such a way that they swing inwards or outwards which again can be considered as perfect windows and doors combination that match the direction in which they swing.
  • Interior doors: These doors do not feature glass and are usually made of quality wood. In case of these doors, the best windows and doors combination would be a window frame made of wood that features the same design as that of the door frame. 

Choose windows and doors that enhance the architectural character of the building. By doing this you will be adding character and stimulating the visual interest.

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