Blocked Drains and Cleaner Services to Clear the Clogs

Private properties look clean and sanitary if there is proper plumbing. A nice collection of plants and trees also make the neighborhood healthy. Clean and green lifestyle is a necessary condition in urban dwellings. Unfortunately, water outlets and sewage system create many problems. Blocked drains & cleaner related services are sought under such testing situations. The experienced plumbers get to the root causes, and they also suggest practical, low cost solutions.
Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain
Blockage in pipe works and drain points should not be taken lightly. Minor issues become very difficult to rectify over a period. The following causes and troubles are normally observed by plumbing workers -

1. Causes
  • Poor sanitary habits are a major culprit that lead to clogged situations. Clutter and careless dumping of prohibited materials also crack the pipes. Cotton, wool, wooden chips, and solid garbage obstruct the water flows.
  • Blocked drains & drain cleaner solutions should be applied even for small drips. Dirt, mineral deposits, and foliage can lead to systemic defects. Soap scum from the tub, shower and bath also clogs the pipes.
  • Plant and tree roots spread out and infringe into plumbing works. The pipe lines get broken, and earth or mud accumulates. This leads to stinky clogging, and the repair tasks are time consuming and costly.
  • Food products like vegetables, fruits, and leftovers do not break down easily. Grease, oils, paper towels, and children's toys also stop the flow. Blocked drains & drain cleaner related measures have to be prompt. The pipeline trash deposits tend to force out thick sludge. This can damage the pavement, lawn, and potted plants.
2. Complications
  • The indoor seepage problems must be rectified immediately. Waste waters kick back and even flood the rooms. They also cause weaken the pipe works, filters, tiles and bathroom floors.
  • Minor dripping from pipe lines also lead to complications in the future. They spread malodour or bad smell around the house. This affects the health of residents, and causes itches, rashes, nausea, and allergies.
  • Children easily fall sick due to blocked drain & drain cleaner experts have to be rushed in. Older people also experience sinus pain, headaches, and irritation due to foul smell.
  • Outdoor water pipes and lines get burst and create a nuisance. The adjacent properties, walls, and exterior decor takes a beating. The sewage water spills out into the street leading to social accusations, complaints and accidents.
Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning
    3. Remedies
    • Self-Help: The kitchen sink is frequently used, and it is a source of deep clogging. Blocked drain & drain cleaner expert steps are -
    • Use a plunger and apply vigorous strokes over the drain outlet. Plug the other outlets with wet rags for better outcomes.
    • Mix a cup of baking soda and half spoon salt and pour it down the drain at night. In the morning, flush the drain with 2 cups of boiling water.
    • Take out an old hanger from the wardrobe and bend it. Use this iron wire to pull out or push smaller objects that are visible.
    • Sludge and solid waste can be flushed down the drain with white vinegar. Pour a mix of hot water and half cup baking soda first.      
    • Professional Calls: Keep an expert plumber's contact details handy. Their expertise and experience are valuable in these situations -
    • Slow drains are clearly visible in the kitchen sink, shower, and bathroom. The soapy water does not flow out quickly through the strainer. It forms a puddle or a pool, and the water takes a lot of time to drain.
    Multiple clogs in the main drain are not easily accessible. Home remedies do not work, and the stench becomes unbearable. Failure to clear the clog leads to burst pipes, property loss, and outdoor flooding.
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