Benefits of Concrete Exposed Aggregate Finishes

It is good to look at the various benefits and advantages of having an exposed aggregate concrete – a form of surface polish that has been in vogue since the 1900s. This is a form of surface finish that is trending with the current times and builders and architects are making use of it with new creative ways of exposed aggregate concrete making and presentation. This pattern is far from becoming obsolete, given a large number of benefits that it has to offer to its occupants and users. 

Exposed Aggregate

However, before we delve into the benefits of concrete exposed aggregate, we must also take a look at how it is made. It is a decorative process where the concrete is first placed and then the outer skin is removed to reveal the decorative but coarse aggregates within. These concrete exposed aggregates are either elements that are mixed into the concrete beforehand or they are seeded into the concrete surface.

These concrete exposed aggregates are great for making sidewalks, patios, driveways, plazas and pool decks. However, they can also be used effectively for concrete walls and vertical panels and applications such as sound barrier walls, architectural building facades and decorative retaining walls. 

These Concrete Exposed Aggregates Offer Different Benefits, Such As:

Concrete Exposed Aggregate

Slip Resistant: - These concrete exposed aggregates have a coarse surface texture. This increases the amount of friction and as a result, it makes it surface resistant. You can easily walk over the surface even there is water spilled on it. This makes it less accident prone. Such surfaces are good and safe for people of all age groups, especially the kids and the aged people.

Unlimited Color: - There has come to rest a lot of development in the field of concrete exposed aggregates. As a result, you can get a large number of colors and designs and textures in the said arena. The huge diversity is a great opportunity for the builders and the architects as they can give greater options to the customers. New chemicals and mixtures can be applied, and they can be applied to the surfaces in a lucrative manner. 

Low-Cost Maintenance: - Maintaining these concrete exposed aggregates is an easy and also a low-cost task. All that the user needs to do is to seal places that have been chipped off and also wash the surface from time to time. This is the reason why they are great options for most public places such as pavements and sidewalk. You can use it to a great extent without any hassles of maintenance or problems of high-cost cleaning. 

Easy to Create: - As compared to other forms of flooring, it is much easier to make these surfaces. The techniques involve low-cost materials and there is no need for any costly machines for making. You can also make these surfaces at a low cost. These way budgets of various projects can be kept under control. 

Resistant: - These surfaces are rather strong and stubborn in their nature. This is why they can withstand difficult situations such as heavy traffic and harsh weathers. Even if they are exposed to strong and scorching summer or heavy rainfall they can withstand it all. This is why they can continue without requiring repair for a long time. 

Effective Marking: - These surfaces can be used for permanently marking the roads, driveways, patios and even sidewalks. The lines and the reservations created by these surfaces are permanent and can be quite easy to follow. 

It is right then to say that given a large number of choices available, selecting the most appropriate concrete exposed aggregates company one can be a tough call. However, you need to make sure that you carefully choose on the basis of characteristics of the soil and also the traction index.

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