Top 6 Tips That Helpful in Cabinet Door Refinishing Task

Importance of old cabinets cannot be discounted because they can be refurbished in an impeccable manner. New furniture including a cabinet is quite expensive; therefore, renovating the existing one could go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. You can either call the expert to perform the Cabinet door refinishing or try the DIY path as the latter is a cost-effective and interesting way.
Cabinet Door Refinishing

Here are some tips that can prove helpful to the home users:

#1. Time:
Timing is the key for the users because the project may take time to complete. You may have to dedicate at least 2 to 3 weekends. It also requires a lot of elbow grease and brain power. A professional combine to deliver the goods to the users. In short, if you have sufficient time for completing the task, you can undertake the project but if not, it is better to hire a professional from the local area for cabinet door refinishing.

#2. Measurement:
Dimension plays an instrumental role in the high-quality finishing of the cabinet. You need to measure carefully for the new doors and drawer fronts. If the measurement is accurate it would go a long way in renovating the cupboard according to the personal desires and preferences. You should unscrew the hinges and remove the doors as quickly as possible. It is vital to place the drawers in a separate place so that they can be reused later. 

#3. Contemporary Appearance: 
If you are looking for contemporary appearance, order bigger doors as they provide more space for the goods that are to be kept inside the cupboard. In addition, special cup hinge is to be purchased to accentuate the appearance of the drawer by many notches. To attach the hinge to the face frame, a separate piece called a mounting plate is included in the eclectic mix. It will help to transform the appearance of the cabinet right from the ground up. 

#4. Spacing Between the Doors:
One of the most important design considerations is to monitor the spacing between the doors. Hinges that are to be attached to the door should be placed at about 3/8th inches apart. If the doors are situated in close vicinity, the deviations become visible to the naked eye. It is quite easy to make changes to the cabinets because the doors are to be painted and they must be fitted with seams and nails.

After completing the task of making spaces and checking side corners, it is time to measure the doors and order for the door fronts. It is bound to go a long way in making the cabinet efficient like new furniture. 

#5. Refinishing with Cleaning: 
The project is accompanied by refinishing with cleaning task. You should clean the cabinets with the rag immerse in mineral spirit. It is antimicrobial and helps to eliminate the proliferation of the molds to a great extent. Scrubbing the dirt with a mixture of ammonia solution would do a whirl of good to the furniture. You should rinse the inside of the cabinet with clean water and dry the same so that it is fit for usage. Sometimes you can also use trisodium phosphate to perform the cleaning job. 

#6. Painting: 
After the doors are cleaned, one should start the painting process. It is important to apply multiple layers of coats to make the furniture an amazing option for the users. Original cabinet finish is to be bonded in an iron-clad manner to the wooden material. In order to test the quality of the finishing, paste a tape on the material and remove it. If the finishing comes out, it means that you must remove the old coats and apply the new ones.
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