Factors to Consider When You are Installing an Air Conditioner

With the rise in the temperature of the world, it is almost impossible to survive without an air conditioner. If you are staying in a hot country, it is even more difficult to live comfortably. When it comes to air conditioning installation the task must be left to the professionals. Check the warranty of the AC unit before making any purchases and installation. If you want the warranty to stay valid, summon professionals for the installation work. Only a licensed air conditioning professional should be called for installation.

The task of air conditioning installation is not that easy, and so you should never leave that to weekend handyman. It needs experience in installing, knowledge on various components and great skills and expertise. The person you choose for the installation work should have knowledge in the duct work, wiring, copper pipes, carpentry and plumbing. An AC which is not installed properly will breakdown easily and invite costly repairs. Before making any purchases, calculate the area of your home and the spaces that needs to be cooled. The size and capacity of the AC is largely dependent on the area. If you want, you can use online AC capacity calculator to know the exact tonnage you should go for.
Air Conditioning Installation
Air Conditioning Installation

Do Not Make Your Purchases Just Because the Salesman Wants You To

A salesman is proficient in making cold talks to invite more sales. The task of experienced salespersons is to win the favor of the customers with impressive talks. Do not base your buying decision solely on the basis of articulated sales talk of the salesman. If you have no idea about air conditioning units, you can take help from your friends and family. Do not settle for a wrong unit just because the salesman wants you to buy a particular unit.

Planning Is Important

You should never install an air conditioner without proper planning. Many things need to be considered, so be careful. An electrical engineer should plan out things for you. The unit should also match with the layout and contour of your home. Consider the size of the space, the climatic condition and the number of persons who use the space before making any installation. You cannot install too big or too small units. The area of the room must match with British Thermal Unit value or BTU.

Where Will You Position the Ac?

When you are installing an AC unit, the location is important. You cannot install a unit where there are too many bulbs and lights as that generates more and more heat. And, in such a situation the unit needs to work harder in order to cool the space. As a result, more energy will be consumed. Do not set the AC in the area which faces direct sunlight. The AC unit should be cleared of any debris, dirt and dust.
Air Conditioning Expert

Rechecking the Connections After the Technicians Leave

After the air conditioner is installed by the technicians, you must always check the AC connection. Rechecking is must to consider. If some connection is not made properly, there can be refrigerant leaks in the near future.

Make Fewer Holes

Do not fill the entire wall with holes. The fewer holes you drill, better it will be. Window-sized holes are not drilled anymore to fit the AC unit.

The flooring should be such that it speeds up cooling of the area. For this, you must check with your electrical engineer. The choice of spot where the AC will be installed is very important. An AC should be installed in a way that less of energy is expended.

Thus, keeping all these points will help you to provide a better cooling of your area. Click here for more information about installation of air conditioning system.
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