Family Reunion Ideas- Explore A Few Of Them

Family reunions are a common phenomenon and most of us arrange for one at least every summers and winter.  When family members congregate at one place, they enjoy the moment in style; however, one can also implement new ideas to make the meeting memorable. There are many family reunion ideas and a few are mentioned in the below paragraph:

Family Reunion Ideas

Taco Bar:

The rustic taco bar plays a very important role in imparting Latin flavor to the evening. One can use the brown butcher paper over the plates and bowl to enhance its appearance along with adding a flair of class to it. In addition to that, a fun chalkboard sign goes a long way in directing the guests.

Salsa and chip bars are very popular among people; therefore you can create the same in the landscape of your house. Black wrapping paper is also used to introduce rustic feel to the ambiance. One of the best options is to use peppers to create the serving bowl sauce. Place the cans in the form of vases and silverware holders that not only look attractive but eye catchy too.

An innovative idea comprising of cupcake can steal the entire show. Cookie and gumdrop sombrero are added to the eclectic mix with the bright tags and frosting. They combine together to provide delicious taste to the users.

Baked Potato Bar:

Baked potato bar is one of its kinds, however, it is quite simple to create. Russet potatoes are used in baking and can enhance the taste when mixed with suitable toppings.  Prior to preparation, you should store the potatoes in a cool and dry place. The oven should be preheated to 425 degrees Fahrenheit for the time duration spanning from 40 to 80 minutes. In order to make the potato sweet, it is important to mix it with brown sugar.

Time Line of The Family:

You can create a timeline of a family history in the form of pictures. Pose questions along the way so that they are answered by the family members on the reunion day. One should tape a piece of butcher paper and draw a line connecting all the dots. For instance, start with the arrival of the Grandma in the city and the growing up of the parents. You should encourage the family member to write a few comments on every milestone to make the moment memorable.

Slide Show:

Advancement in technology has played a very important role in creating different types of slides. You can request every family member to send their pictures while performing daily routines. The images can be combined into a single slide and is displayed during the reunion event. 

Hot Dog Bar:

It is one of the best ways to polish the culinary skills in front of the family members. You can create the hot dog bar along with the toppings for a different experience. Banner day can be organized at the venue in style. You can also display an array of pennants that should be hanged on the wall.

Family Reunion

Gaming Activities:

Gaming activities include egg and spoon race and balloon stomps that are very popular among the people. Ping pong toss can also be organized to create the carnival atmosphere at the venue, where people compete with each other to bounce the ping pong ball into the cups. Hot potato camera game is provided with a twist to the users. A camera with timer is passed on among the users and it remains in the game until a selfie is taken. 

Do you want to know more ideas about the family reunion? Let’s go to the details for getting more information.

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