Car Maintenance Secrets That No Mechanic Ever Reveals

Cars are lifesavers in this fast-paced world. But with all the help that your car provides to you, the real question is how good you are at taking care of your car. Cars are complex machines with a lot of parts interlinked with each other and working in sync. Regular car maintenance is what you need to keep the car constantly running at its full potential. When you buy a car, the manufacturers provide you with a user manual that has detailed instructions for preventive car maintenance.
Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance
Preventive maintenance is a single thing that every car owner needs to do to have a safe ride in the car and save a lot of money on car repairs. There are some easy to follow car maintenance tips that every car owner needs to implement:
  • Regular inspections: The car suffers wear and tear regularly during driving. The car parts are durable to resist such wear and tear for long intervals. But, they are bound to give in at some point of time. So, it is advisable to keep inspecting your car at regular intervals and keep an eye out for spotting anything that is out of the ordinary. Also, every once in a while, turn down your stereo and listen to the machine while driving. Ensure that the car is not making any strange sounds. If you find any, get it checked by a mechanic right away. 
  • Car tyres: Inspect your car tyres to check for wear and tear. Car tyres are often ignored. I would highly recommend that you do not do this. Rotate your tyres regularly. Also, car tyres can get damaged if the car is not moved from its place for a long time. Keep inspecting the tyre inflation pressure every month. Adequately inflated tyres increase the fuel economy of your car and also helps to reduce instances of flat tyres. Inspect the tyre treads and look out for wear indicators on the tyres. Never ignore anything that is out of the ordinary in case of tyres. 
  • Check fluid levels: Checking fluid levels is a crucial part of regular car maintenance. The car has brake fluids, engine oil, wiper fluids, and coolant fluids. All these need to be refilled or changed after a duration of time regularly. So, keep a vigilant eye on all these fluid levels to know when you need to get it refilled. In most cases, the fluid tanks are clearly marked with low levels. Do not hesitate to open the car hood and check these levels and even refill the fluid. Maintaining the car fluid levels is the best preventive car maintenance needed. Also, if you do these inspections yourself, no mechanic can fool you into paying extra for engine oil that he never replaced. 
  • Regular car service: Ideally, your car needs to be serviced by a licensed mechanic twice a year. To ensure that your car maintenance game is on fleek, car servicing is necessary. Car servicing is a way of taking a stitch in time to save nine. The trained eyes of a mechanic can spot trouble at an early stage. Also, the car engine parts get thoroughly cleaned during servicing, making the engine run smoothly. Most manufacturers recommend that you get logbook servicing at company certified service centres. Make sure that you always clear your calendar and make time for car servicing every 6 months without fail.
Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance
Apart from these significant car maintenance tips, make sure that you regularly recharge your car batteries and replace the windshield wipers when the view through the glass starts to get blurry. Also, make sure to replace or clean your engine air filter. A clogged-up filter can get you stranded in the middle of the road. Keep in mind that following all these minor preventive car maintenance tips can avert big accidents.
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