Know All About Air Conditioners Which Are Appropriate for Your Home

What is an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning is the process through which the excess heat from inside the house can be removed and you get a comfortable atmosphere to live in. The machine that performs this work is called air conditioner. Air conditioners are used both for domestic and commercial purposes. Air conditioning helps you to get a soothing and comforting environment thus helps in enhancing the atmosphere of your house.

Air Conditioner

How to Choose the Best A/C for Your Home

Once air conditioners were considered as the symbol of luxury but now it is used in almost every household, everywhere. Nowadays, you get a variety of products of AC products with new technologies, energy efficiency and health care benefits. These days you also get, highly energy efficient, five stars rated brands which are based on local climatic condition, health benefits and consumer requirements. The new age air conditioners come with innovative features like air purification, humidity control and also can keep away mosquitoes to give you a better sleep. One should wisely choose an air conditioner that meets all the requirements and then make an investment.

The Best AC’s That Can Be Used at Home

There are multiple options for you can choose from. Almost all the air conditioners have the potential to cool one or two rooms simultaneously. They will pump the hot air out and make your house environment pleasantly cool. One can easily find the best air conditioner from the various options available, for individual home improvement.

Air Conditioning Installation
  • Portable units – these type of air conditioners are simply a window based air conditioners and are installed near the floor of the windows. The hose pipes bring the air in and out, through the window. When you are planning to get a portable unit for your home, you have to choose between dual or single hose systems. The single hose system comes with only one tube which pumps out hot air from the house. But the problem is that this reduces the air pressure inside the home and accumulates the hot outside air coming in through the cracks of windows and doors. These machines are very incompetent and not very cheap. The dual hose units cool the hot air present inside the room. In order to keep itself from overheating another hose pump is attached to the air from the outer surface to cool the device. This system is very well-organized. These types of machines are used by those who cannot modify their walls in order to use a window AC. These types of units are very expensive and are not very efficient.
  • Window units – this kind of devices are a couple feet wide which are mainly used for standard size of windows. Apart from this, you also get mini air conditioners which are mainly used for casement windows which open like a sliding door. They are not very wide instead they are taller. The installation process is very easy and simple. If you have to cool a single room then this is the best option. If you want to avoid wall modification or you live in a rented house then this is a great option available for you.
  • Wall units – wall mounted air conditioner is the most complicated types of unit. They are similar to that of the window system, the only difference is that you have to make a hole in your wall for setting up the machine. The fitting of this A/C cautiously involves wall studs, pipes and the stability of your house. If do not have enough experience in this work then it is better to take the help of a professional. The advantage of choosing this air conditioner is that these units are inexpensive and are more or less closer to the price of the window units.
  • Ductless or split units - split A/C comes with two parts one can be mounted on the indoor wall and the other sits comfortably outside your home. You can hang this device on a wall in your house to make your house look good. The only downside is that you have to drill a hole in your wall. These are usually used to cool a bigger area inside the house. The two main disadvantages are that they are very expensive and cannot be moved from one room to the other easily.

These are some of the factors that you need to know while planning to install a new air conditioning system for your home. If you would like to know more then go through this link and get more information.

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