Tips to Improving the Efficiency of The Air Conditioner for Home

Energy cost is on the rise in the current times and even the thermometers are pushed past their average temperature in this climate. Air conditioner is required to beat the summer’s heat and you cannot do anything about the high energy costs charged by electricity companies. The only way you may combat the rising electricity bills is by choosing energy efficient air conditioner.

Air conditioning manufacturing companies are doing their best to give maximum comfort to the users. Almost every day the companies are making changes in the units and bringing something new as per the demands of the consumer group. From being a luxury item, air conditioner has now become a necessity.
Air Conditioner for Home
Air Conditioner for Home

Improve the Efficiency Of The Air Conditioner

  • Make sure the area around the air conditioning unit is cleared of debris, leaves and other things. Debris must be totally cleaned from the housing to improve the unit’s efficiency. Elements like birds’ feathers, leaves and debris can become lodged both in and around the unit.
  • You should check the air filter to ensure that it is completely clean. Air filters can improve the efficiency of the air conditioner to a great extent. If you think that the air filter is not working properly, just shut down the unit and replace the air filter. It is important to clean the filter at least once a month.
  • Make sure the ventilation fin is completely open. If closed or bumped, the fins will restrict the smooth flow of air.
  • It is important to shade the unit from the harsh rays of the sun in order to increase its efficiency. This shade may be provided if there is some overhead tree or through a cover which may be installed upon the unit. In fact, your AC unit will become 10% more efficient if you can shade the unit.
  • To save energy, you can insulate the unit duct. Ducts need to be properly sealed and then covered by fiberglass insulation.
  • It is good to use ceiling fan when the room is cool. Ceiling fan will allow the cool air to circulate all throughout the room.
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner

Innovations Taking Place in The Air Conditioners

  • Previously air conditioners just had the ‘on’ and ‘off’ button but now they have advanced a lot. You will find programmable thermostat in almost all the AC units. With this feature, you may adjust your AC unit to help maintain cool environment inside. This feature also makes the AC unit more energy efficient.
  • Now there is more focus on generating cleaner air. Previously the Air Conditioners used harmful Freon gases that were bad for the environment and were also toxic in nature. Now we have more emphasis laid on generating cleaner air through the use of gases that are less dangerous for the air.
  • You can find some energy efficient air conditioner in the market and always buy the automatic air conditioner for your home. Through this system, you can save your power consumption level and the air conditioner can easily regulate the temperature automatically. So you do not need to operate the air conditioner anymore and it can save the power consumption level.
You cannot take your air conditioner for granted. When you enjoy cool air inside the home, take some time to appreciate the making of the ac. Use it less often to save on the electricity bills. Energy efficient AC is less harmful for our environment. to buy an energy efficient air conditioner, you can search them online and you can find plenty of them. 
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