Impressive Options You Cannot Deny on Parquet Flooring

With so many options available in the market, it becomes rather tough to make one decision on flooring. Your dream home deserves the best in town even if that takes a bit of more money from your pocket. So, the next time you are trying to add something a bit different and durable from the regular options, try getting yourself parquet flooring for a change. This kind of option is not just durable in nature, but eloquently designed to make it rise a bit above the notch. The geometric designs are just perfect and will add that oomph factor to your boring interior. If you want to decorate your floor with some geometric design then you must install the parquet flooring and it can also save your home improvement cost.

Parquet Flooring

What are the features of parquet flooring?

  • Beauty in its own: Parquet is always known for its own beauty. This is not just amazing in its look, but also has a quality and excellent durability power. The added geometric shapes on wooden platforms are just amazing and will help in glamming up the area a bit more. When you have parquet flooring by your side, you don’t have to bother adding too much as your interior decorations. It will work the most in attracting your guests, as they cannot just get their eyes off the impeccable designs on the floor. The best thing is that you don’t even have to use rug or carpets to cover the floor anymore because with the parquet flooring you can easily design the floor with some textures.
  • Best wood for this design: Now, what you don’t know is that not all wooden planks are suitable for parquet design. Each wood comprises of its own set of benefits. Right from its natural color to durability and even price, everything differs from one another. Among the available options in the mark, oak seems to be the perfect fit for designing you parquet floor. Some might try going for the timber version and that can work well too, but not well enough like oak.
  • Not allergic is the key: There are so many benefits involved with the world of parquet flooring. However, before you finally plan to invest money in this kind of flooring, it is mandatory to check out the features first. As you don’t have to place carpets or rugs on the floor, so you are free from dust and dirt. Carpets are made in such a manner, which will accumulate dust mites more than usual. You don’t have to worry about that while using parquet floor. That makes it non-allergic in nature and it is best for asthma patients, child and pets.
  • Easily maintained at its best: Another best thing about parquet flooring has to be its easy maintenance features. You just need to remember one thing, and that is to avoid using rough materials and abrasive cleaners on such surfaces. Apart from that, you don’t have to work hard for keeping the floors clean and maintain durability. Regular cleaning or sweeping using some compatible cleaners will work magically. That helps in providing more value to your place and you don’t have to dedicate a cleaning team for its maintenance. 

If you think that the natural parquet flooring is too much for you to purchase, then opt for the engineered or manmade parquet floor, for a change. Here, the core comprises of 12 plywood layers which are thin and with the top layer made out of solid oak. The cost is always towards the lower side when compared to real solid wooden ones and you can also save a lot in future because you do not need to repair or replace the floor on recurrent time.

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