How to Find an Optimal Engineer for Installing Server

Whether you are looking for installing a new server in your business or company or wish to upgrade and speed up the present network with server support, it is essential that you hire an efficient and expert installation company for the job. Since the efficiency and functionality of a server depend on the adequate installation technique, ensure that you hire only a qualified and experienced engineer. You would also need an expert eye for assessing a problem and offering a solution too.
Server Support
Server Support

Signs of a Reliable Server Engineer

An efficient network engineer must be knowledgeable and updated with the latest techniques for server support and installation duties. The duties of such an engineer are becoming fluid with time and include a number of skills. You should thus approach a company that hires engineers having special skills. Here is a list of the skills a server engineer should possess:

  1. Internet of Things (IOT)
    With growing developments, engineers need to scale and size wired as well as wireless networks for accommodating hundreds of IoT sensors. Since they also need to secure the devices connected to your company’s network, ensure that the engineer is updated with the latest IoT development to be able to set policy for its connectivity as well as data security.
  2. Knowledge of Application Flow
    The engineer is also required to possess a concise knowledge and understanding of the working of applications from the perspective of data flow. This is applicable to either deployment of software-defined networking in the data center or on WAN or configuration of advanced Quality of Service (QoS). Thus, hire an engineer who is acquainted with application administrators and knows how it flows with data, clients, and cloud services.
  3. Security
    While you may easily find network engineers who are well-versed with the network-centered security such as firewalls and intrusion prevention, you should hire one who has an understanding on end-to-end unified security solution including web and endpoint security and beyond. This would save you from depending on the additional IT department for cyber security.
    Server Installation
    Server Installation
  4. Hyper-Convergence
    A well-informed engineer would also be equipped with the management tools needed for operating hyper-converged systems of the company. Since such a system combines networking system, computers, and data storage into a unified system, the engineer would be able to optimize the application running on the server.
  5. Understanding of DNS
    Earlier, engineers were not required to have knowledge of the functioning of internal as well as the external functioning of DNS in an enterprise, but things have changed now. Modern networks, marked with increased security requirements, use unified networking security architecture which includes DNS. Thus, hire an engineer with good knowledge of DNS as he would easily be able to troubleshoot the network problems.
While these features will help you find an efficient professional for server installation and support in your organization, you should consider some more points while investing in a new network. Ensure to keep a surplus of hard disks with you as they would come handy if the drive of a laptop crashes it will not intervene with the smooth working of the organization. Before buying a new server, you should also ensure that you have a strong warranty on it. After calculating the specific needs of your business or organization, select the most optimal hosting service. You can study upgrading options on web hosts, check their features and prices, and check on its reliability and uptime guarantees before selecting the best choice. Finally, ensure that you select the engineers of only a reputed company in the industry for the installation or the up gradation of a server in your organization.
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