What You Need to Know Before Hiring House Extensions Builders?

Often, home owners feel like they have outgrown their houses. In this case, it is often more feasible to build an extension to your home, rather than moving to a new place. Firstly, it would be more economical. Plus, no one can deny the emotional and sentimental attachment every individual has with his/her house. If you are looking to extend your home, there are a few things you must keep in mind before hiring house extension builders.

Tips you can follow in this Regard

Choosing a reliable contractor and builder can make a world of difference in your project. Here are some tips you can use for your next home extension project.
House Extensions Builders

#1 Find out their level of Expertise and Experience
: It is always a good idea to cross reference and check the history of your house extension builders before hiring them. Ask informative questions like how many years have they been in the business, if they can provide you with some references of their past employers, if they are fully licensed or not. These should give you a fair idea on the worth of your builders.

#2 Ask them for a Written Quotation
: It is often easy to get fooled by an approximate cost for your house extension project. You will be surprised as to how many incidental costs and additional costs can add up by the end of your project. Make it a point to get a written quotation on how much you should be expected to pay by the end of the project, so that you don’t simply sign a verbal contract and get into trouble financially.

#3 Sign a Home Improvement Contract
: Before hiring your house extension builders, one of the most important and wise things you must do is to sign a home improvement contract. This contract covers every sort of tangible and intangible cost for your home extension project, such as materials to be used, warranties, payment terms and the timeframe for your project. This contract can be extremely handy in case of later disputes.

Check for your builder's Home Indemnity Insurance. It is necessary that you must find out before hiring your contractor and builder for your home extension project. Check if your builder has a Certificate of Currency for Home Indemnity Insurance, so that you are insured against any financial loses during the project. This will save you against incidents such as your builder bailing in the middle of your project, a sudden death of your builder, or in case he becomes insolvent.


#4 Ask to view your builders recently finished projects
: If your home builders are genuine, they should be able to provide you with documents and pictures of their recently completed home extension projects. Go through them minutely so that you can get a good idea of their finished work, the time they have taken to complete the project and what you can expect of your completed house extension project. If a builder refuses to show you these pictures or makes an excuse, it may raise doubts against the contractor and must not be hired at any cost.

#5 Ask for an Outline of your Building Schedule
: While you might have already asked for a stipulated timeframe for your project completion, a house extension project isn’t as simple as one, two, and three. There are several steps which take time. Ask for an outline of how much time each step would take to complete, such as tearing down one wall, rebuilding it, installing a roof, etc. This will help you chalk out a plan on what to expect and when.

Hiring right builders for your house extension project is one of the most important decisions to make. Take your time and patience and choose a reliable builder for your home, so that you can start building your dream home.

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