Points to Notice Before, During and After a Car Service

Car service is essential for the maintenance of every car. You ought to get your car serviced regularly to ensure the longevity of the machine. But, the question is, how much you can trust the mechanic to perform a quality car service and not deceive you. Honestly, it is impossible to be able to completely trust anyone. So, to ensure that your car has been serviced properly and you are not being fooled by getting billed for services that have not been performed, there are a few tips to follow before, after and during the car service.
Car Service
Car Service


#1. Talk a walk around the car and inspect it carefully for any external damages. Make a mental note of all the scratches and dents and inspect the car interiors for stains or dirt on the seat. Your car would be going to a garage, which has several greasy hands as well as sharp edges.

#2. Make a note of the odometer reading as well as the fuel tank level indicator so that the mechanics do not use your car for personal use or maybe suction out a litre or two of fuel.

#3. Try scheduling a car service on the day you do not need the car so that you do not need to ask for quick delivery. Most mechanics cut corners in servicing when you request a quick delivery.

#4. Check out the glove compartments as well as other storage compartments of the car to ensure no personal valuable has been left in there. You may end up losing it during the car service, never to see it again or it may get damaged or stained. You surely do not want grease on your costly sunglasses or the music system.
Car Repairs
Car Repairs


#1. While you are waiting for the car to get serviced, try getting familiar with the crew and gathering information about their methodology. This will help you spot if some service is missed out by a mechanic by mistake. Also, never give the mechanic the idea that you have no clue about the car servicing process. The service providers tend to fool people who have no idea about the process. Never mention that you are in a hurry to get over with the car service process.

#2. Take a quick look at the service manual and compare it with the things checked by the service agent in his logbook and mentions if you want a special part inspected.

#3. Do not pay upfront. If any part replacement is recommended by them, ask questions and understand why it needs to be changed and what was the damage in the old part and how long the new replacement will last.
Quality Car Service
Quality Car Service


#1. Be punctual for picking up your car and take your time to inspect the car.

#2. Ask for the copy of the car service checklist and ensure that every service listed in there has been performed.

#3. If you are getting a part replaced, ask the old part to make sure that the part has actually been replaced and also ask for the warranty documents for the new part.

#4. Make sure the wipers, lights, etc. are functioning. The mechanics tend to sometimes make small wiring mistakes while putting the car back together after inspection. Ensure that there are no such errors.

#5. Check the oil level and see if has been replaced as mentioned in the service checklist. Also, make sure the car seats and covers are not stained and all the foot mats and other accessories have been restored to their places.

Make sure that you go on a short drive with the service agent after the car service so that you can point out the problems if any and those can be rectified immediately. This is the best way to check that the car service has been properly done. With all these tips, you can never be fooled during a car service ever.
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