Implementing Home Automation in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

The technological concept of smart home or home automation has become so popular in monitoring things and simplifying the worries of supervisors and homeowners, that this has found application in many sectors including the medical profession, nursing, and hospitality industry. If you are running a nursing facility, or an assisted living home, then you may find this concept to be highly useful, beneficial and satisfying for running the facility and keeping things organized.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is a wonderful concept. Home automation works with the help of computer programs, where and guides you about the status of a home, house or commercial space. Here, the computer program runs and monitor a network of connected machines, appliances, and circuits, etc. Appliances and circuits which are electrically run can be monitored using monitoring programs. When such appliances are connected in a network with or without wires as needed, such that through cameras, sound receptors and other appliances, you find a network which works in automation, then you can connect to that network through a computer, or a tablet or a smartphone.
Home Automation
Home Automation

Thus, you get the control over that network to monitor, alter settings, put on and off things and devices, etc., and keep surveillance throughout. You can also get alerts on any major change in settings or power consumption, security threat or other vulnerabilities, through the same automation program. When this concept is applied to medical care facilities like assisted living and nursing homes, it can do wonders.

How Will Home Automation Help in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Homes?

Home automation can give your medical care facility and assist living home the much-needed IT infrastructure to work as a fully equipped system, where little surveillance from a supervising person would be enough to ensure proper working of all the facilities, proper care for patients and elderly, and overall discipline and cleanliness. You can do the following with technology:
  • Keep an eye on all wards and rooms, and make sure that the patients are safe and secure.
  • All appliances, patient monitoring systems, lights and fans, ACs and heaters, etc. can be monitored with the help of monitoring screen on your mobile, computer or tab.
  • Any patient in need can instantly raise an alert by pushing the alarm button.
  • Monitoring of hospitality, cordial behavior, duty performance, and caregiving can be done through the system round the clock.
  • The owner of the facility will always stay in touch and have a clear view of what is going on inside the house all the time.
  • Transparency in service can be maintained.

Risks You May Avoid Through the Use of The Technology

With the use of home automation technology, you can avoid many problems.
During an emergency when the older adult person or any other patient tries to catch your attention will not get unnoticed.
  • Any fluctuation in power consumption and even a sudden change in any of the health monitoring machines will be auto-checked by the system.
  • The person in care will be able to communicate through video calls, etc. with family members or friends with the help of the system.
  • The working and status of the machines in use for health care can be supervised by the system.
People send their dear ones to nursing homes and assisted living centers for constant care and monitoring, and this can be achieved with the smart implementation of this technology.
Nursing Home Assisted Living
Nursing Home Assisted Living 

How to Install the Automation in Your Nursing Home or Assisted Living Home?

You can install automated home system anywhere with the professional help of smart home building and planning technicians. The whole installation depends on the planning, space involved, the required amenities and connections, the network establishment cost, the architecture of the building, and your budget, etc.
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