Tips to Choose the Best Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions

There are many people who walk on the road of life with the help a wheelchair, especially senior citizens. Therefore, it is very important to have a comfortable and soft cushion wheelchair. A person using a wheelchair for a long time experience issues like pain and sores at lower back and buttocks. In order to cure and relief the patient from pain, wheelchair pressure relief cushions are available. These cushions provide relief and protection from pressure and are very comfortable.

Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions

Wheelchair pressure relief cushions range from simple pillow to padded ones. These types of cushions are filled with air or gel. Using the right type of cushion helps the user from developing pressure sores. Pressure relief cushions can be categorized into three risk bands such as high risk, medium risk, and low risk. This band defines the level of risk for developing the appropriate cushion.

Factors Considered while Purchasing Pressure Relief Cushions

While buying the wheelchair pressure relief cushions, it is vital to effectively choose the design and features of the cushion. It directly impacts the mobility of user’s health, safety, and well-being. Therefore, one should acknowledge and abide by the general guidelines for purchasing safe and relevant cushion. Some of the key factors considered are:

  • Friction:  One of the important factors is to have a proper friction between the cushion cover and user’s clothes. The friction should appropriate as high friction may prove to be difficult for shifting to and from the chair whereas less friction may be risky as the user can slide off the cushion anytime. Hence, it is essential for user’s safety purpose.
  • Moisture control: Another key factor is to look up that the cushions control moisture and keep the user dry. The cushions must prevent the user from sweating and absorb the sweat immediately. If the user’s skin remains wet for a long time it may cause more damage to the skin.
  • User’s manual: A user’s manual is provided with the cushion. This will help the user to maintain and clean the cushion. It will also allow the user to contact the service provider in case of any problem with the cushion.
  • Temperature control: Those who spend most of their time in the wheelchair should use a heat absorbent cushion. For this purpose, gel cushions are very reliable. These types of cushions absorb the heat by reducing the heat build-up and permit free circulation of air.
  • Inflammable material: Cushions should be made up of inflammable material. Otherwise, it may be risky for the user who has a habit of smoking.
  • Safety measures: A user must be aware of the safety measures related to the cushion. If a cushion is unsafe or broken, then the user must not use it and replace it immediately with a new one.
  • Infection Control: The material of cushion must be infection-free. It should not inhibit the growth of germs or bacteria.
  • Life expectancy: Before buying a cushion, one must find out the life duration of the cushion. Mostly, the high-quality cushions last for 4-5 years. But the foam based cushions have shorter life duration. They confirm the durability of cushion and time of replacement.
  • Pressure redistribution: This is the most important factor. The cushion must be able to handle the body weight and dispense the pressure evenly. This will also help to prevent the development of pressure sores.

The above information will help you to purchase a reliable wheelchair pressure relief cushion. One must consult a wheelchair expert before selecting the cushion. You may also do a thorough research on the internet for more information.

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