Various Types of Plumbers Available In the Market

Though there are quite a number of plumbers available in and around, not all plumbers take up all type of plumbing jobs.  Some specialize in one or more types of plumbing and only few specialize in all jobs.
  • The plumber jobs which are most common are the residential plumbers, who are the rooter type plumbers.  
  • They fix clogged pipes of residential projects and individual homes.  There are plumbers who specialize in the need for commercial sectors for almost the same kinds of work as residential ones.
  • Residential plumbers usually unclog pipes, connect and disconnect the dishwasher piping, install new plumbing systems totally from scratch etc.

Plumbers Also Do Pipe Lying And Pipe Fitting

There are also plumbers who specialize in pipe laying. They lay out pipes for drainage, drinking water, oil, gas systems, sewers and more.  
  • They dig trenches, they also ensure that there is grading in the trench so that the piping is supported.  They also solder, weld and cement the pipe segments to form a system.
  • Other category plumbers are the pipe fitters. These are people who install as well as repair pressure systems of commercial operations. These include the factories, power plants, heating and air conditioning as well.
  •  They install as well as monitor and control all the systems and ensure that they run as they are supposed and expected to be.
  • There are steam fitters who specialize on in the installation of pipes, which are used for gases and liquids under high pressure.

You Can Also Find General Plumbers And Sprinkle Fitters:

There are sprinkle fitters also. They specialize in installation and maintenance of automated sprinklers as well as take care of the fire suppression systems in buildings.
  • There are plumbers who are generalists and they are usually called for unclogging of toilets, sinks, or for repairing and replacing of leaky faucets and other such type of jobs.  
  • These usually offer emergency services in events such as detection of leaks, unclogging of drains and pipes as well as replacing of garbage disposals which are worn out.  
  • They also reroute pipes and they perform inspections which are preventive in nature for new properties and existing ones as well.
There are also leak detection specialists, who specialize in services including checking of water meters when there are unusually high readings as these indicate leakage somewhere.

Plumbing Services

Causes of Drainage Problem and How the Plumbers Fix It

When a plumber needs to unclog sinks in the bathroom and kitchen, it is usually due to the fact that there is deposition of hair, food or other such substances. The plumber uses rooter machines or plumber’s snakes or even uses hydrojetting devices to get rid of these clogs. Some of these augers or plumbers snakes have cameras which are attached to them so the plumber is able to see the inside portion of the pipes.  
  • Plumbers also install new garbage disposals, repair and replace damaged parts.  
  • They also replace water heaters – in fact, this is one of the most common reasons why plumbers are called.
  • Plumbers, regardless of their specialty, need to read blue prints and they need to be able to take directions from the contractors.  In order to meet the latest challenges and also stay updated, plumbers need to be proficient in computers as well.  
Before you get the plumber on board, you need to ensure that they are licensed by the local or state authorities especially if they are to work on the gas or water pipe work. They also need to have enough experience in addition to classroom hours, so that they can handle the task efficiently.
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