French Provincial Bed Should Be Your Choice If You Want Total Cozy Comfort

If the word “French” brings up visions of art and culture and designs, you are not wrong. The French furniture has something artsy and stylized that others lack. You can have two distinctive lines such as the city “chic” and Provincial style in French furniture. The latter applies to furniture used by the rural landed gentry down the centuries with the accent being on style, roominess, comfort and luxury in preference to any elaborate style.

French Provincial Bed

Provincial Bed

The typical French provincial bed has a generous headboard and an elaborate footboard enclosing a space filled with cushion bedding. Provincial does not in any way mean rural or rustic when one considers the elaborate carvings of the legs and the footboard and headboard. There is timeless solidity and a sort of lasting elegance to these beds, amplifying the solidity of the people who used it down the ages. A provincial bed may have beautiful feminine curves for its headboard and footboard that will add a touch of refinement to bedrooms and the lacquer work with gilded edges.

The Look

The frame and style are important in defining a French provincial bed. However, it is details that do matter and in this regard, the upholstery and bedding also contribute to the look. Plain bedding may look a bit out of place. It is worthwhile matching this type of bed with the right fabric, choice and style. Tassels and fringes with beads and pearls add to the atmosphere of the provincial look. To give it an authentic look, heighten the effect with judicious of embroidery as the French used to do. Colors are also important if one wishes to remain true to style. Pastels were the colors of choice with white being the favorite. This, however, is not a golden rule. One can improve on the original style by adding earthy greens, browns and rustic reds with blues and yellows highlighting the patterns. Pay attention to the headboard. If it is in lacquered wood with elaborate carving then there is no need to embellish it further. A couple of colorful pillows are all that you need to accentuate the beauty. A plain headboard may not look so good and you can go for the tufted look. 

French Provincial Bedroom

While You Are at It…

Placing a French provincial bed in a modern style room will make it look out of place. It is correct that the style can be complemented and reflected in the choice of a dressing table and a chair with the same motif. Colors in the room should preferably be pastel, cream or off white. Instead of a plain mirror, you could choose a mirror with a lovely carved frame. Lighting is another aspect to consider. Choosing lighting pendants and wall scenes that have a period look will immeasurably add to the mood of the room.

Why Provincial and Not Just A Plain Bed

People spend 8 hours sleeping i.e. 1/3rd of their lives in bed, so it must be comfortable and luxurious. It should be a place where you can relax and feel like the king (or queen) of your realm. French provincial beds with their typical headboards and footboards allow you to stretch out and sleep or sit back, relax and read or just chat. Made of wood, stylish in looks yet durable and solid, these beds will last for generations. Just make sure to pick a reproduction piece that is made of durable wood and closely matches an original design. You will be proud to own one.

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