Brief Guide on Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmission is a very high-end & latest technical support in current car models. Due to this technology, driver does not need to shift gears according to the velocity of the car, as automatic transmission system (also denoted by AUTO and AT) set the gear pattern according to the speed of the car. As this automated gear system is very complicated in nature, it also needs complex servicing whenever there is a need for servicing. Automatic transmission in a car comes with a great cost, which makes this part of assembly one of the most expensive spare part vehicle. It is mandatory to get this part serviced as per the routine so that it can keep functioning well. Thus, it becomes necessary to have automatic transmission service only from proficient automobile service providers.

Car Servicing
Car Servicing

Servicing Recommendations for Automatic Transmission

  • In order to protect your transmission system from damages and smooth functioning for a long time, it is mandatory to follow the exact time and schedule set for servicing. Not every mechanic can handle the automatic transmission service and so it is best to take help from the professionals who are trained and experienced in handling this system. It is a complex mechanism and any wrong setting could result in major damages to your car and to your life as well.
  • Most of the times, automobile manufacturer’s show higher kilometer for servicing and this in turn depicts vehicle as being more economical as it requires less servicing. Though it is an unethical practice to force sales, it also puts the entire vehicle at greater risk as it is running without proper tuning and necessary routine care. Thus, many good service units and professionals advise their clients to get their automatic transmission service slightly before the company prescribed figures so that any complications can be looked after before it gets serious.
  • The significance of automatic transmission service at the right time can be understood better by knowing the consequences of not having it. In transmission servicing, removing used transmission fluid and adding a new one will provide better clutch holding while adjusting the gear shifts automatically. In case if this fluid change and other tuning are not done at the right time, it may further develop into other severe problems such as issues in gear shift and loss of acceleration or even the entire transmission system can fail.
  • Automatic transmission assembly is more complex in nature and requires similar technical support to retain company made transmission parameter or settings. Thus, it is advised to have automatic transmission service from authorized service centers, as they are well equipped to take care of these sophisticated parts. The authorized service centers need to abide by the regulations and steps outlined by the company and as a result the quality of servicing is top notch.
Automatic Transmission Service
Automatic Transmission Service

Steps Involved In Transmission Service

The major steps which are included in any transmission service can be enumerated as:
  • Draining of used or old transmission fluid
  • Detaching and cleaning oil pan
  • Checking the fluid condition basis its color change, debris quantity into it, sludge evidence and clutch lining stuff into the pan
  • Flushing of entire transmission system; if required
  • Removing, cleaning and changing the filter
  • Checking and adjusting the controls and bands
  • Reinstalling the pan with the help of new gasket
  • Topping up the transmission up to the maximum or recommended level with new oil or transmission fluid
  • Looking for wear and leaks on hoses and seals
  • Thorough check of serviced auto transmission.
These tests will make sure that your transmission system is working efficiently at all the times. The amount of time and money that you invest in servicing your automatic transmission will go a long way in providing a smooth and comfortable ride for you. So make sure that you provide timely servicing for your automatic transmission system and get all the benefits for a long time.
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