Why Do You Install the Induction Lamps in Your Commercial and Residential Properties?

The advancement in the field of lightings that is LEDs had led to less demand for induction lightings, however, the market is now changing at it has been found that induction is again ruling the market. People have started realizing that this kind of lighting is still the most effective form of lighting today. Most of the commercial premises install the induction lightings lamps because they are energy saving and they are environment friendly lighting solutions. The mercury levels of these lamps are very less and they can save the energy consumption level up to 40% than the traditional lighting system.

Induction Lightings

Technology of Induction Lamp

These are the lamps that are also referred to as magnetic induction lamps. These lamps are designed just like the fluorescent lights; however, the major difference is that these lamps are incorporated with electromagnets.

Normally, a high current is formulated by electronic ballast at the time it passes by the wire coil that is wrapped surrounding the ferrite cores due to the development of magnetic field near the tube that is gas filled.

At the time, UV radiation passes by the phosphorous coating ultraviolet light if formed inside the tube. The efficiency of the lamp can be maximized due to the shape of induction lamp.

Some Benefits of Induction Lamps

These are the kind of lamps which are designed in such a manner that it does not require electrode. This refers that all the energy produced directly leads to the production of light.  Less power supply is needed for these induction lamps and you can install these lamps in your commercial area where a large amount of lights required.

Durable Option and Requires Less Maintenance

The best part of these lamps is that they are highly durable as it does not include electrode or filament and so the maintenance cost is also low. On top of that, these are less expensive as far as lamp replacement expense and labor cost are concerned.

Also, lumens output deteriorates very slowly during the lifetime in comparison to the other kinds of lighting options available. Hence you do not have to incur expenses again and again on home lightings. In the case of the commercial lighting options, people need to maintain a large amount of lights and other accessories on a regular basis. So, if you install these induction lamps then you can avoid recurrent maintenance cost.

Environmental Friendly

Induction lamps comprise of very low level of mercury when compared to other lighting options. This makes the lamps to be environmentally friendly.  In case you are very keen about going eco-friendly as far as your home is concerned then this can be an ideal choice.

Induction Lamps

Reasons to use induction lamps in comparison to LED lights

  • Induction lights create a wider-angle beam which spreads the light to a great extent which is the bit difficult with LED lights.
  • Induction lights can withstand around -30 degree Celsius to 70 degree Celsius temperature whereas LED lights withstand only -20 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius.
  • Induction lights have high efficacy, develops less heat and involves less light depreciation whereas LED lights have low efficacy, high heat output and involve high depreciation.
  • You can get high lifespan from these induction lamps. With this lighting option, you can avoid the recurrent cost and you can get higher longevity from these induction lamps.

This clearly shows that using induction lamps at homes it a cleaver option when compared to the other options available in the market. In case you check out the market you are bound to get innumerable options to choose from.

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