Various Types Of Glass Display Box Used For Different Occasions

There are different types of areas or applications, where you will find the use of glass display box. Thanks to its transparent look, these boxes help in displaying the products attractively within a secured platform. From bakery shops to jewelry stores, you can check out for these display boxes. Most of the commercial sectors are currently using these boxes, as these are the best way to display their items to probable clients. The clients will not be allowed to touch the product directly, but they can pinpoint on the glass boxes. Now, before you proceed further, you need to check on the types of glass display boxes available these days. For that, a little bit of research is mandatory.

bekery glass display box

For the bakery zones

Bakery areas are one of the most preferable zones, where you can get hold of the glass display box for use. Now, the bakery cases are of two refrigeration types. One is gravity coil and another one is forced air. Choosing the right one depends on the products, you want to display.

  • The forced air systems mainly rely on some fans, which are used for circulating cold air inside the glass boxes. As the cakes need cold air for retaining freshness, therefore; this method can be used.
  • Another type of glass box used in bakery is the gravity coil system. It comprises of a refrigeration coil, located at top of cabinet. It helps in allowing the cold air to drop directly down on food.
  • For storing raw meat, salad or even seafood, this gravity coil system is mostly noteworthy. For the others, you have forced air glass box, at your service.

Display cases for storing jewelries

When you have visited jewelry stores, your eyes would be dazzled with the golden and silver shines of products, kept inside glass display box. Let’s get into details of these products.

  • Most of the time, people look for the retail cases, which can help in keeping the customer’s eyes hooked up to the jewelries, presented within.
  • The boxes are crystal-clear and cleaned properly on regular basis.
  • Here, the cases comprise of locking system and the key remains with the seller. Whenever you choose jewelry, they will open the glass box and get the pieces out for you.
  • The boxes even have small lights at their sides, to provide focus on the jewelries. So, it makes the boxes glow more with the shine of the items.
glass display box

Customized display boxes for you

Apart from the ones already mentioned, there are customized forms of glass display box available too. Here the stores will design the layout of their boxes, and the manufacturing units have to work accordingly.

  • These customized boxes are expensive, than the set standard ones. Not just change in the layout, but also sometimes, latest technologies are added to the box for more security.
  • There are three major types of customized boxes available, and those are free standing display box, table case and the wall case.
  • There are other HLS system and protector picture case, customized as per the requirement of clients.

Looking for the best option

Most of the time people generally look for the finest option, when it comes to glass display box. You need to choose the best one among the lot. It is not quite easy, and you have to rely on internet research, for finding the right result. Go through online articles and blogs, to learn more about the types. It will help you to find the right display box, and use the same for your business. Talk to insurance companies about any insurance they can provide for the box and the products contained it it. It is a fragile item and it helps to be proactive about ensuring safety and security in case of any unfortunate accident with these glass boxes.

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